lent2010 :: what i made today :: day3 & day6.

Day 3 (friday):
  • Today I made a trip to the farmer’s market and found that spring has come in full force since my last visit! So thankful these days for our area of the world.
  • Today I made okonomiaki for lunch. Without the mayo, it just didn’t taste like the good ole days, but it made for a pretty and healthy lunch.
  • Today I made Kale chips, which I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I also made the mistake of burning them. Darn. I think they’ll be good if I take them out quite a bit sooner than the recipe indicates. They do have a very satisfying crunch!

Day 6 (monday):

  • Today I made Jake do Math all morning while Tyler was at preschool. Shhh…don’t tell him that he was working. He thinks we were playing games. I’m thrilled that our relaxed schooling approach is working. He’s totally comprehending place value now, which is something he couldn’t quite wrap his head around a few months ago. I gave him some math-free months, and now he’s blooming.
  • Today I made an Artistic Vision Statement, as recommended in my new reading, The Artistic Mother. I am so excited to try to bring more regular creating time into my life. I’m determined to get rid of some of my “time stealers” and use that time to create.
  • Today I made a decision regarding my volunteer service at church. After weeks of prayer, I finally felt some peace and closure during my “rest time” today as I prayed and thought about where God wants my priorities to be and my time to be spent.
  • Today I made frozen tamales and artichokes in the crock pot. I’ll let you know how they turn out. I know we’ll all be hungry when we get home from Little League practice, so as Aunt Krissy says, “I’m loving my future self” by making dinner now. Hugs to you, Linn of 6:00 p.m.

5 thoughts on “lent2010 :: what i made today :: day3 & day6.

  1. Oh what a lovely place you have here, so light and airy and positive. I admire you for following lent. I have never done that, although the principles that allow you to focus on The Lord’s sacrifice are sound. Gives me food for thought! I am so glad you got my book, I do hope you enjoy it! I often have to remind myself to follow the principles laid out, and I wrote it! Life can get so busy and overwhelming that we let our creativity drift away from us. Gotta keep the vision alive. Your photography is lovely. I have enjoyed my visit here with you 🙂

    Shona Cole

  2. Dear Linn – I’ve had the loveliest visit stopping by here … it was recommended by a gal who is joining me in a journey to put more creativity into our lives – – I believe you know the book! (*smile*) Trudy wrote to me and offered to join together with you, too, and make this an even greater experience. So, I am just writing to introduce myself and to say, “Welcome!”

    Loved your photography!! So glad to get to know you.


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