Return of the Artist.

Only four weeks until Artfest. Art Camp. An Art Getaway for Aunt Krissy and me. Have you ever read a Spa website and just felt thoroughly relaxed and massaged simply by reading their descriptions of the treatments available? (Try it. It works.) Artfest is like that. Just reading the website makes me feel more creative. More inspired. I cannot wait. Aunt Krissy, have you bought your plane ticket yet?

Speaking of “I cannot wait,” I am not waiting. Having read The Artistic Mother has gotten my creative juices flowing again. I am ready to have art reappear in my daily (or at least weekly!) life. Today I finished crafting my new…

Artistic Vision Statement

I am an artist. I am a creator of crafts, a sewer of seams, an observer of thoughts, and a painter of dreams. I capture the moment, the feeling, the thought, the life…that fleeting thing. My art calls to people and cries, “Look! See what the Lord has done in this life or this leaf!” It says it is okay to slow down. To stop. To breathe in the moments, no matter their size. I create so that I can more fully live this life that God has given me. I am an artist.

So I’m stepping in the direction of art. I have an idea of why I create and I have a list of my long term and short term artistic goals. (Long term including such mondo-beyondo goals as hand quilting something…definitely one that will have to wait for calmer years…and getting a book published…something I feel God calling me to but telling me to wait until the time is right. Short term goals include buying a light reflector and learning how to use it for portraits and producing two digital art pieces that I like.)

Even the boys are benefitting. Art is back and we are welcoming it with open arms and open sketchbooks.

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6 thoughts on “Return of the Artist.

  1. I love your mission statement! You have such a way of putting feelings into words!
    I am looking foward to the inspiration I am sure I will gain from your blog as you journey through the creative process with all the moms.


  2. I think your Peaceliving is always art. It sort of surprised me that you are “getting back into art”. Maybe artists are like a person needing all the basic food groups. We need to do something like a flat art (photography), something more flowing (painting), something really gooey like sculpting clay, then working with something already beautiful like a fabric and bending (stitching) it to our will. And on. Otherwise we feel our art life is lean. We need the full fat of a variety of art forms to feel satisfied with our artistic life. We are hungry. For me right now, I want the cool wet of clay or some ground up paper pulp to form some sculptures. My hands have a yearning. I’m thinking of a reclining nude. It will be a torso that I can drape with necklaces I’ve made or simply a fabric I want to gaze at. More,more, I’m hungry to produce.

  3. This made me feel all tingly inside. So lovely.

    Hey, have you ever read Madeline L’Engle’s Walking on Water? It’s about the Christian and art. Heavy emphasis on writing as art, but really about God and creation and Him inviting us to create with Him. I love it. In fact, I need to get my copy out for a good re-read. If you have a little time, I think you would enjoy it!

  4. i love what aunt kris said about artists and food groups…i’m definitely lacking in the “flowing” arts! i’m inspired by your enthusiasm. you and i are in a similar place in our quest to reconnect with art. i’m so looking forward to seeing more art from you!

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