Blog Reality & 5Photos :: Week Nine.

I reminded a friend the other day of something that perhaps only a blogger can understand: blogs don’t show the complete reality of life. People don’t often post about folding laundry and wiping the table twelve times a day and trying to cajole their kids into putting on their socks and shoes, although I’m convinced these are things every person, blogger or not, deals with. I used to think that maybe people were trying to show off through their blog posts and act like their lives were somehow more perfect than others’ lives. I understand now that it’s not a disguise bloggers wear, rather what we choose to focus on are the things that bring us emotion: feelings of joy, accomplishment, peace, love, and sometimes disappointment. For me, blogging about the blessings of a day remind me that there were in fact blessings in between the tantrum and the wrestling match and the juice spilled on the shirt just before family pictures and the harsh words spoken by someone cranky and overwhelmed with life. To process my day through my writing and my photography is to bring me back home; it is to realize what is important and to let the chaff fall away from the day. It’s a haven of sorts from real life, although the best moments of real life comprise it. It’s not an attempt to deny reality, rather to see it through different eyes and to learn a new perspective or a more positive attitude in the reflecting.

I do want my scrapbooks to show reality, so I’m trying to use my 5Photos project to reflect the everyday life around here. The new crockpot I’ve used four times this week (thanks so crockpot365 and her new cookbook! Love it!), the craziness of the boys goofing around (they’ve been so wild this week…does rainy weather always do this to kids? I don’t know.), the Spring that is showing up in our backyard, the reappearance of the fine arts in the house this week, the self portrait of Ellie and I from my computer’s camera, because on Saturday night I realized I’d forgotten to take a s.p. that week. I’m missing my longer computer times lately, when I can mull over the days and edit the photos and share from the heart. But as is the rhythm in life, some weeks and months are more full of stuff than others. Someday my house will be quiet and I’ll miss it all, so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.


7 thoughts on “Blog Reality & 5Photos :: Week Nine.

  1. Absolutely love this post – – so very true. It is reminding me that I am quite tardy on my posts – the moments of the day that are the icing on the cake!

    Take care,

  2. Of course, all people with kids have some form of craziness in their lives. We all have to clean, wipe faces and hands, do chores, step in to stop sibling altercations and it all can be a challenge or it can be a funny experience depending on the occurence. I am an optimist and tend to focus on the wonderful and grand. I usually overlook and do not talk much about the sour things in my life unless a really cute 6 or 3 year old did it. It is just much more fun and positive to look at the good. Occasionally I will recant something horrid that happened in the day, but I tend to gravitate to posts that make me feel good, think real hard, and/or laugh. All of us are different and I do not think all blogs paint a picture of perfection. In fact, I have read some that focus on the opposite on purpose. I think blogs are reflection of our personal everyday discussions and how we focus in “real life”. Sometime we are documentating an occurrence, daydreaming, making a point, or giving an opinion. Just like “real life”. Just a thought. These are just snippits of our thoughts and not a 24/7 detailed account of the mundain. That would be a boring read. I enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  3. The simple shot of the crockpot got to me. Temperature gauge stuck into something important, and maybe it’s bubbling a little. I didn’t set it up. It means someone is getting ready. Someone will open it and see/smell/poke at what it is. Who all get to eat? Provision. Worth looking up the full meaning in a dictionary. “Now, that’s cozy.” signed, Cozy Kris

  4. absolutely! i absolutely agree. and your pictures tell a story about your day. i find that many days blogging is a gift…it has the potential to remind me of my joys long enough that i forget the bad.

  5. I look forward to your post. It reminds me of the conversation we had about christmas letters. But you’re right. I think it is important to focus on the positive b/c it seems like the negative is something we never have trouble forgetting. BY the way, TY looks so much like a kid now. I’ve gotten used to the thought that Jake is a kid, but Ty not being a toddler anymore hurts. They grow up so fast. Wish I could be there more often, but I’m lucky I get to see the two or three times a month and it’s good quality. Focus on the blessings.

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