The Artistic Mother Art Course Begins!

This week marks the beginning of an artistic journey for me. After I read Shona Cole’s The Artistic Mother, I was inspired to bring more art into our daily lives. Art is one of those things that I don’t really notice is missing until I see it again and ask, “What took you so long?” And as Aunt Krissy mentioned in the comments a few weeks back, PeaceLiving really is an artform for me. The photography and the words create the release that I need in order to express myself and save my sanity.
So whether it is a return to art or just an extension of the art that I’m always doing, I’m not sure, but my 12 week art course is beginning. I am lucky to have a long list of other artistic mothers along on this journey. Our goal is to inspire one another and encourage each other to keep at art, even when it seems easier to plop down at the end of the day and melt. Art is something that takes work, yet it rejuvenates the artist in a way that simple relaxation at the end of the day cannot. And so much of the art can be made with little ones, too. The boys and I will begin painting background papers for our collages tomorrow. So I’m off now to do some gesso-ing for our canvases. The first thing that comes to mind is that I need to find a spot for my paints and other fine art supplies right here in my office. If they’re going to be a regular part of my life, I’d better give them a proper home, don’t you think?
A reminder to myself as I start on my journey:

My Artistic Vision Statement

I am an artist. I am a creator of crafts, a sewer of seams, an observer of thoughts, and a painter of dreams. I capture the moment, the feeling, the thought, the life…that fleeting thing. My art calls to people and cries, “Look! See what the Lord has done in this life or this leaf!” It says it is okay to slow down. To stop. To breathe in the moments, no matter their size. I create so that I can more fully live this life that God has given me. I am an artist.

Other Artistic Mothers joining the journey:
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4 thoughts on “The Artistic Mother Art Course Begins!

  1. Your vision statement is stunning…beautifully poetic. The more I delve into this Artistic Mother Group the more excited I get! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes each of us….

  2. I absolutely love your vision statement–Now I want to write one of my own. How empowering! I look forward to seeing the creative journey this course takes you on!

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