A favorite moment this year, brought to you by the month of January…

…basking in the sun on the roof of Aunt Krissy’s porch…

…looking down at creativity…

…looking out at beauty…

…after key limes fell by the hundreds into my hand and after “eating” the dirt “soup” you see in the bowl on my towel.

Here in March, we’re experiencing a little cold spell around these parts. And by cold, I mean that it has been in the high 60’s. We’re wearing jackets and I’m enjoying all of my lightweight scarves that for years will speak of the “winter” of 2010. Well, “extended fall that reaches straight to spring”, I guess I should call it. In Orange County, Summer will go from the end of June until around mid-October. Then from October to May we have surges of this 60 degree weather, mixed in with heat waves in the 90’s, but mostly the temperatures hang out in the 70’s. With a few weeks of rain a year, just for kicks (and for puddle jumping children). Once or twice a year we’ll make a trip to the snow (1.5-2 hours away) and celebrate Winter. In the month of June, we get our “June gloom,” when every morning dawns overcast, but it burns off and you’re sweating it out in your long pants and sweatshirts by afternoon. Somewhere around April we arbitrarily announce that it’s Spring, although we always seem to get a few beach trips in during January. Confusing? Yes. Lovely? Yes. Do I sound spoiled when I say that I’m feeling a little bit beach deprived as of late?

When I yearn after places with seasons (the changing of the leaves! the winter snow! the bright burst of green at the beginning of spring!) I am reminded (usually by my mom) that I can take vacations to these places. Good idea, Mom. Moms really are full of good ideas. We’re planning an R.V. vacation in New England this October. To visit Fall. Does it sound strange that we visit seasons rather than places on our vacations? What can I say, we’re from California. We’re weird like that. What do you love about the place where you live?


4 thoughts on “

  1. In North Carolina… Right now I love

    The lacy green of the weeping willow covered with new leaf buds,
    Cherry trees absolutely covered with pink blossoms,
    Being awakened by birds singing in the maple outside my window
    Smiling, sunny daffodils after a cold winter
    My children exploring for hours in the forest, coming home dirty and happy after doing “nothing really, Mom”,
    Looking forward to more spring…azaleas, purple red-bud blossoms, lacy pink dogwoods, the shockingly bright crab-apple blooms, wine-colored new Japanese maple leaves, heavy crepe myrtle blooms, each tree flowering and growing leaves in its own time, making weeks of happy new discoveries. I love spring!!

  2. We really are thinking alike these days. If you swing through upstate NY (you MUST go to Letchworth State Park in October, ok??) we should get together. I completely understand visiting seasons. When it is autumn here, I love to do day trips since it is so beautiful.

  3. Hello… THANK YOU for leaving such a lovely comment! I am excited to meet you in BTL.. it is going to be an INCREDIBLE DAY…

    Artfest is a Wondrous feast for the body and mind… you are going to FALL in LOVE with this experience.

    See You Soon!

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