lent 2010 :: what i made today :: art week!

One week left until Artfest! I’m counting down and creating every day. There’s an optional trading element of artfest, where you bring a whole bunch of little things (small art pieces, collage elements, etc.) to trade with other people who’ve brought their own. At the end of artfest, you’ll have a great collection of other people’s art and some fibers or collage elements to add to your future art projects, along with a lot of contact information for other artists. I’ve been trying to come up with that perfect trade item…something that everyone will want but that is not so hard to make that I don’t want to give it away. (This is my problem…if I’ve finally gotten the chance to make art and it turns out really well, I’m VERY reluctant to part with it!) But after making a few bags of collage supplies and stamping some dragonflies on handpainted paper, I tried a third project and found my trade…

I sanded these dominos down a little bit, dropped bits of re-inkers from my stamp pads on them and wiped them around a bit to get these…

Then I stamped overtop with staz-on ink with several different images…

Finally I used a silver leafing pen to make a silver frame around some of them.

I love them! To take something as plain and ordinary as this $3 box of dominos from Target and turn them into 28 works of art is so liberating.

Finally, I’ve found something I’m proud to give away but didn’t cost too much or take TOO much time. (I made all 28 of these from start to finish in a few hours at my mom’s house last night.) I’ll definitely be making more of these before I leave next week. (sorry about the tiny pictures and enthusiastic watermarks…used my mom’s camera and didn’t quite figure it out right.)

Yesterday was one of those days when the boys just didn’t get along with each other or with their friends, and spent much of the day whining and disagreeing about what they should play, how it should be played, and anything else they could think of. Sheesh. So to head to my mom’s and make art as I chatted with my parents and they oversaw the boys and their antics, was wonderful. Thanks Mom!


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