lent2010 :: what i made today :: more art week!

Art is contagious. My recent inspiration means that the boys are now inspired. We have a great new old table (from my grandparents’ ranch that I visited when I was a girl) in our art studio where we can fit all three of our drawing pads and can leave them out to work on when the mood strikes. A while back I bought each of us a full sized artist’s drawing pad where we work when we feel like really doing something special. The Extreme Birds book that I mentioned a while back inspired these. Mine is above, colored with Copic alcohol markers. Below are Jake’s (age 6), and Tyler’s (age 4), which since this picture was taken, now includes a nest with eleven eggs floating overtop of the bird’s head, added in a moment of silliness. Jake suggested drawing a branch that reaches under the nest…he’s already learning that there are no mistakes in art, right?


3 thoughts on “lent2010 :: what i made today :: more art week!

  1. It makes me feel good that a book I got to teach jake for kindergarden homeshool has inspired so much. I have the opinion that USA’s libraries are one of the best things to be happy for. I’m getting interested in those coloring pencils, or whatever you called them.

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