Welcome Spring!

The plums are blossoming in the backyard.

I finally cut back my roses so these are all that’s left of my front yard.

I wish you could smell this star jasmine that winds its way around our porch post. Angie, make your kids stop and smell it the next time you’re scootering by on a walk.

And when I step into the backyard, I smell these tangerine blossoms which are blooming for the first time in years! (At least I think they’re tangerines…could be oranges. If I ever start to act like I know what I’m doing in my sad sad garden, please stop me. As Jake says, “We have a farm in our backyard. But it’s a bad farm.”)

Today is the first official day of Spring! Up until a few years ago, I never paid much attention to the changing of seasons, what produce was in season when, or how the colors of the hills change as the months pass by. But there is such joy in noticing these small changes (well, they are small changes in our part of the world) and rejoicing in them together. I want my boys to notice the process of the passage of time…its cycles and its rhythm. Each year we can thank God for the season we’ve been in and anticipate the one that’s coming. I try to build up the excitement for the beginning of strawberry or apple season, the first week of beach nights, the season of Advent, the changing of the evening light. It seems that so much of the joy of anticipating has been robbed from children (and adults!) today. To notice the changes in creation reminds us that God is good. To everything, good and bad, there is a season. And in our area, Spring is here in full force. The wisteria is shouting about it (and reminding us that it’s time to clean up the backyard for al fresco dinners!)

The nectarines are beginning to form…mmmm…my favorite. Even though we don’t get much sun, these babies try their hardest to grow. And although the lack of sun means they aren’t super sweet, they do taste good with my favorite crisp topping!

Even Ellie cat is enjoying being outside all the time these days.

Hooray for Spring!


One thought on “Welcome Spring!

  1. oh…love jasmine..i have always had it in my garden until this latest house we live in…i am so allergic to it its not funny….but…gee these photos really make me want it agvin…sneezes or not!!!xxx

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