The Artistic Mother: Week One.

My first week of my Artistic Mother art course is over, but here my background papers sit, unfinished. In my defense, my preparations for Artfest have been first in my mind, so I had to push these back a bit. But really, I could have found time to stamp these and smudge some edges. But I’ve been so into doing other little art projects that I got a bit distracted! I think Shona (the author) would be pleased that although her art course work didn’t quite get finished this week, I have been doing something arty every day, which is the whole goal of the book.

I DID finish the weekly to do list assigned for the first week, and I love it! For that, we use one of our background papers and embellish it to use as a weekly goal/to do list for art goals. I wanted to have my regular weekly to do list incorporated, as well as a space to fill in my daily activities like field trips and swim lessons so I can visualize how my schedule will look and where I can fit in my art and regular goals for the week. Then you scan it and print one out each week to use. I love it! And, I DID finish my Artistic Mother Week Two assignment already because I wanted to take it to Artfest. So in a way, maybe I’m coming out ahead! I’ll show that to you tomorrow.

(Week One assignment: To do/goal list…original on the right, scanned and printed out (and lightened a bit more to my taste) on the left.)


5 thoughts on “The Artistic Mother: Week One.

  1. Oh…I love the way you did that, yours papers.
    I’m with Trudy.. you are doing art everyday, it’s something I wake up telling myself to do because it’s not a good habit yet!!!

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