The Artistic Mother : Week Two.

So I didn’t quite finish my week one Artistic Mother assignment before Artfest, but I DID skip ahead and do week two! I really wanted to finish my poetry journal to take to Artfest with me. So I grabbed some scrapbooking paper, an old photo of my family at a beach birthday party (maybe I was turning four or five? Must have been four, because Amy’s not in the photo…sorry Amy!) and collaged it all together.

I’ve always been interested in poetry…usually silly rhyming Dr. Seuss type  stuff, but sometimes more serious poems fit into the mix. I haven’t been in the habit of reading or writing poetry, though, and Shona encourages both as part of your development as an artist. I haven’t been very good about the poetry portions of our assignments, mostly because I only have one book of poetry and it’s been put away for the last several weeks to make room for my Easter decorations on my mantle! But in good faith that I WILL begin to make poetry a more regular part of my life, I made this journal. And below, you can see the downside to being an artist. A constant mess in your studio. When there are so many interesting projects to work on, who wants to clean up? Or is that just me?

I did clean this up before leaving for artfest. It makes me crazy to have a mess like this for too long.

Other Artistic Mothers joining the journey:

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