Children’s Poetry.

Last week we took an impromptu hike in the canyon in search of wildflowers on our way to a field trip. The day was gorgeous and 70 degrees and the boys scrambled up the hills and tumbled (Tyler, literally) down the glens seeking out the bright orange California poppies, Jake’s favorite flower. Well, maybe the only flower he likes, and primarily because it’s his favorite color, orange. It’s also intriguing to them because it only shows up for a few weeks a year, and nowhere near our house. So it’s like a treasure hunt to spot them on the hills on the way to grandma’s house, or on the side of the path on a hike. We didn’t find any on this hike, although lots of lupine was blooming. The boys humored me by letting me take this photo…not the best ever, but I love the wildflowery hill:

Really all they wanted was to take this photo, of them “hiding” behind the flowers, feeling very sneaky.

There’s nothing in the world like watching your children explore nature with only the exuberance that children can.

And to hear a shout of, “Mommy! Look how the grass is shivering!” when Jake saw the grasses swaying, makes my artist’s heart sing. So by asking him a few questions when we got home and typing out his answers, I helped him write his very first poem. Poetry, from the mouth of babes.

Grasses shivering. Waving.

Just blowing in the wind.

They were brown and nature green, like a tree.

Scared of blowing away into the river and sinking down.

You could almost hear it, sounding like a breeze.

Jake, age 6


5 thoughts on “Children’s Poetry.

  1. Hi Linn, I love this post + your blog. It’s so encouraging just to hear about other moms and what you do on a daily basis because it can be so isolating. I love that you are making time for your art.

  2. I can’t believe the number of”Artistic Mother” artists I’ve been bumping into in blogland. I absolutely adore the little poem. What a talent. Would you mind if I put it into my inspirations journal? There’s just something about it. I’m bookmarking your blog so that I can come back to visit.

    • Of course you can add it to your inspiration journal, with credit to the poet, of course! (Jake’s first poem as inspiration to someone else…wow!) I’m glad it moved you.

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