Artfest 2010 & Happy Easter!

I’m home from Artfest and back into life at full swing. Laundry, crankies, catching up on work and sleep. But it was all worth it. It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by people who value art. There were artists of every calibre there, all seeking to better learn how to fulfill their artistic desires. Aunt Krissy and I drove through Seattle to the ferry, catching up on our trades as we waited for the boat.

We arrived a bit late the first night and missed much of the trading, but we settled into our officer’s house quarters and met the crazy women with whom we shared our house. They had already brought out the snacks and covered the dining table with paper to prepare for art being made there all weekend. Just being on the grounds was refreshing.

In the morning, Krissy and I awoke early and took a walk to see the grounds and the nearby beach by the light of the dawn. It wasn’t too rainy while we were there, so we were spoiled with pleasant days and the most amazing clouds.

The first day, I took my favorite class…a drawing and watercolor class from Carla Sonheim, who turned out to be both a wonderful teacher and a wonderful person. (She’s offering a month long online workshop for just $25 starting tomorrow…check out her site!) We spent six hours each day learning from accomplished artists and trying our hand at their techniques.

That night there was an Iron Chef/Artist’s Challenge in which the teachers were given a box of supplies to make into a piece of art in 45 minutes. That is my kind of fun!

The next day I took a portrait painting class from Misty Mawn and I was very happy to get the practice, as I don’t spend much time doing this kind of art at home. We did some blind contour drawings (without looking at your paper) along with realistic drawings and painting. I mostly learned that in order to draw with any realism, you really need to practice drawing every day. So today in my sketchbook I drew two faces. Hopefully I can get better as time goes by.

That night there was an artist’s marketplace with many of the teachers vending their art. I had hoped to find some jewelry or something I would like to buy to support the artists, but in the end I came home with just a few books and art cards. We stayed up way too late that night in our house, laughing and being goofy while we finished off our art projects of the day.

The last day of class with the Huskamps was much more in my comfort zone than the others…we painted abstract landscapes and used collage techniques as well. I was glad it was an easier day for me, as I was pretty tired. I did make four landscapes (not very good picture of two of them), two of which should look nice framed on my studio wall.

That evening we had a show and tell of any art submitted by the students of Artfest, then we spent another evening hanging out in the dining room and packing up to come home.

On Sunday morning, Krissy and I took the scenic route home and experienced the typical rainy life of northwesterners. We drove back through Olympia and Tacoma before flying home, tired and happy.

It was such a refreshing getaway, artistically. I thought I’d have more time to read, journal, and just sit and be silent, but that didn’t happen. That’s okay, there are all kinds of refreshment in life.

I’ll be absent from this space for a little while but I hope to post again next week sometime. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with you and your family. I have a hard time convincing my kids that it’s the most important holiday of the year! But it truly is. May you enjoy your weekend celebrating the resurrection, knowing that we can all have new life anytime we want it, because of Jesus.


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