Favorite Links from the Past.

Yesterday I realized that as of March, I’ve been blogging for two years. Wow. I’ve changed so much in my outlook on life during those two years, and I have blogging to thank, in some ways. It’s funny reading back to the earliest posts and what I thought was important or interesting or funny. So today I’m revisiting some old links to share with you as I am short on blogging energy.

I’ll start with the post that still comes up as one of the top searches on this blog…the world’s best blueberry scones. And yes, they are the best. Won’t somebody who lives close by and can stand up for more than a few minutes at a time please make them for me and bring them over? Please? I know it’s impolite to beg, but these scones really are that good.

And another popular one…my camera bags. It’s been a while since I’ve made one of these. I’m using the white and yellow one with the Anna Maria Horner print these days. But I know sometime soon I will want a new one. I have a few that I sewed to sell but never got around to posting them on etsy. They are green Amy Butler midwest modern fabric (similar to the one in the bottom picture on this post) and sell for around $90. Contact me on the about me page if you’re interested. I’m thinking of selling my previously used camera bags, too, as I make new ones. They’re in good shape and I think I should ask around $50-60 for them. I’ll keep you updated.

This one cracked me up about the rhythm of our days two years ago. Oh, how life has changed. I’ll have to remember to do an update on our daily rhythm these days.

Then there are these enchanting fairy gardens! Oh, they were so dreamy. But have I made mine yet, two years later? No, I have not.

And for some reason this post about summery shrimp tacos just grabs me today. They look so easy and tasty and summery. I’m anticipating more warm days like we’ve had this week and eating fresh dinners outside in the backyard. And the sleeping Tyler in the post is just so sweet.

If you don’t yet have a recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, you must try these.

But most of all, I’m looking forward to the day my body heals and the weather stays warm and we begin our annual summer beach nights. That day could come soon, I hope.


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