5photos :: weeks thirteen & fourteen

Today, only because I promised I’d keep up here with this photo project, I present to you the past two weeks of my 5photos project, entitled: Real Life in Pictures. Beginning with this self portrait from week fourteen, showing exactly the state of things…dirty bathroom mirrors, shlumpy but comfortably loose fitting clothes, and life in black and white. At 12 days post surgery, I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the last two weeks have been long, to say the least.

For most of those two weeks I was too weak to lift my nice heavy Canon, so I used my crummy lightweight pocket camera. Here’s a photo Greg took a few days after surgery. Note the air horn in case he didn’t hear me calling him while he showered, and the prune juice in a cup on my chair. Yum.

But there were good moments sprinkled in over the past weeks, too. Jake has taken to whistling non-stop for about three months now. At first it annoyed me, but once I decided that it was really quite “Jake” of him, now I rather like it. He likes to build his lego ships on the dining room table (while he whistles, of course).

We had our annual Easter egg dyeing a few days before surgery and the boys were into it more than ever.

Here’s Greg going through the Resurrection Eggs to help the boys understand the Easter story (this was Sunday School for us on Easter, as I wasn’t up for going to church yet.) Tyler’s wearing the odd straw hat that I wore to cover up the greasiness of my hair when I couldn’t get up the energy for a shower. If you have kids and don’t have these eggs, look for them on clearance at WalMart or something to bring out next year. They’re a wonderful way to teach your kids the story of Christ’s death and resurrection!

Not only have I skipped out on blogging, but I also haven’t spent much energy on photo taking or editing, so my pickings for 5photos were really slim these two weeks. But that represents real life, too, doesn’t it? And what could be more real life than the spot where I’ve spent most of the past two weeks…lots of books, handy bin in case of sudden sickness, art journal, and phone within reach. Notice the new quilt I’m snuggling up under! Details about that soon.

I’m so blessed to see sights like these from this chair…my three “boys” sweeping up the kitchen together before our church fellowship group came over. Helpless days like these make me so appreciate my husband and what a willing servant he is to me. I’m thanking God for him every day.

And my last picture is one that is just so Tyler that I love it. He comes up to me every day and gives the most gentle hugs and soft kisses to whatever part of my body that is handy. What a sweet boy.

As of yesterday, I finally am feeling up to “accomplishing” something during the day. So I plan on sharing here the finished quilt and sewing projects I’ve squeezed out of lucid moments here and there, along with some new scrapbooking projects I’ve been working on. Back to my regularly scheduled programming, I’m hoping? We’ll see…


3 thoughts on “5photos :: weeks thirteen & fourteen

  1. I love these five photos–they are so filled with life! I’m glad you are on the up-and-up and feeling better. Do tell about that snuggly quilt you are under-it is beautiful!

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