5photos :: week fifteen and our Berg Tribe Weekend.

Last week I have only one picture from Monday through Thursday. Notice that I said I have only one picture…I actually took a few more (some blurry ones at our impromptu fondue dessert night with our little family of four, and one self portrait on a day that I managed to dress in something other than sweatpants or leggings, which I accidentally erased!) So with a very sad week, photographically speaking, our annual Girls’ Weekend came to my rescue for my 5photos this week! More specifically, cousin Lisa’s house to the rescue! Being an artist, she has all sorts of curiosities stashed here and there, both inside and out.

We’ve been having these Girls’ Weekends for several years now, celebrating life with our tribe of Berg women. We craft and shop and eat and cackle and eat and laugh and talk about home decor and eat and discuss frugal shopping deals and eat and enjoy picturesque locations and eat a little more. This weekend I was really in the mood to stay home and rest, but I knew that my tribe would take good care of me on our weekend away. So I enjoyed a bit of walking and exploring the cute college town of Claremont, and was mothered by all five of my relatives, who kept me well rested and well medicated. I’m so thankful for that group of women who’ve poured into each other’s lives over the years.

This year, we stayed at my cousin Lisa’s house. Above, you’ll see one of her works of ceramic art in her succulent garden, and below, some of the other vignettes from around the house. And of course, that last shot is the ONE photo I had from midweek. How could I not take a picture of my two boys looking insane for who knows what reason, as if they’re ready to evade the paparazzi!


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