Four Weeks Post-Op. And Determined to Enjoy It.

roses from our garden, sunflowers from Trader Joe's

Okay, that’s it. Today I’m four weeks post surgery. And I’m done with the whining and the feeling sorry for myself and the inability to do anything and the lounging around healing while my housework languishes. Do you hear that?! I hope somebody important is listening. When I went into this, I told myself and everyone else, “My surgery is on April 1st so I’m just going to plan on the whole month of April being a wash.” Yes, I said it, but I truly believed that somehow I would be the one who heals more quickly than the doctors said, and that I would be back on my feet and getting things done by week three. At the latest.

But now I’ve hit the four week mark. And April IS almost over. And I look back at my blog and see what has pretty much been my life this month…trying to move forward with no cooperation from me, myself, or I. Tyler gave me a cold and has been up for hours nights coughing, so the last few days when I thought I’d finally be feeling better were full of fatigue and tissues and a stuffy head to go along with my achy body. But this morning, despite my lack of sleep, I feel determined.

Greg cleaned the kitchen yesterday while I had my hair done (a once yearly experience…the hair, not the kitchen cleaning). The boys are working on their “project” with the k’nex Aunt Krissy got them at the Goodwill, and are cheering that “we have no schedule today?!” which cracks me up, because our life is already so wide open and they don’t even know it. Tyler, although sick as can be, is a very happy patient (did you expect any less from my enthusiastic little boy?). And I am ready to move forward. Go for walks. Bend over and unload the dishwasher or the dryer. Yes, radical things like that. Go through the day pain-med free. (or at least, fewer pain meds…I can’t commit here.) I feel like the musical of my life should be singing, “And you! And you! And you! You’re gonna love meeeeeee!”

Oh, it’s big news around here. I’m making a comeback.


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