This Week in the Life.

Things I’ve been doing this week:

  • sniffing. still getting over the cold tyler brought home last week.
  • limping and resting. had a post-surgery scare starting on sunday and slowly getting better.
  • getting a CT scan. wow. that is a weird experience. just having to drink the gross juice beforehand (for three hours! i’m a slow drinker.) was probably the worst part. thankfully CT scan came out all clear and dr. thinks the searing pain is muscular and not an abcess or blood clot. relieved. but still in pain.
  • hanging with daddy home. since i couldn’t walk/move on monday, daddy stayed home!!! what a thrill for the boys and i. “thank you, God, that daddy stayed home four days in a row,” jake prayed. we all went to a new park when the dr. had to postpone my appointment for a few hours one day. we’re all a little sunburned but happy.
  • reading. lots and lots of reading. just when i thought i could get up and get things back to normal. but i do have quite a list of fiction and a few non that i’ve finished now in the past five weeks.
  • thinking. about jake’s schooling for next year. about starting back into our routine. about getting our kids re-trained in good behavior (the last five weeks things we have definitely been letting things slide. you parent know what that means!)
  • crying. yet another casualty of the crazy past month…i missed tyler’s preschool’s mommy & me day yesterday. we arrived after a week of sickness and i saw all the mommies going in with the kids and i realized what was going on. i didn’t know about it because the monthly flyer had gone home on the first day of tyler’s sickness. (i’ve been counting on the monthly flyers because when i got the yearly calendar i didn’t have my 2010 calendar yet. apparently this is not a good plan.) i was more upset than tyler was, and i just took him to bible study with me where he played with his church friends and brother and had a great time. just another reminder that humility is a good thing. when people don’t have it all together and gasp! aren’t perfect, i need to remember that i don’t know what’s going on with them in their lives at home. God, you’ve really been breaking down my pride lately!
  • sewing. only three things in the last five weeks. new summer beach sweatpants that i bought got patches in the knees (before they can grow holes…see, i’m getting smarter in my old age!) and jake’s pairs got slits in the elastic ankle cuffs because he’s strangely averse to anything that he deems ‘tight’. and one quilt. i had started this simple blanket/quilt a while ago, using some strips i had leftover from another project and some favorite white raindrop fabric. all i did was sew a fleece blanket from ikea on top of the inside-out quilt top and a sheet on clearance from Target, then turn them right side out and sew a few border lines of stitching. yes. i can say that i have one big accomplishment from the past five weeks. hooray!

I guess six weeks of recovery really will be the magic number for me. I’m looking forward to it (as I’m sure you are too!) It will be back to the regularly scheduled programming around here! Art, food, sewing, exploring, generally living slowly and enjoying life. I can’t wait.

I wanted a busy pattern on the back because I plan on using it for summer picnics and such. I know the photo quality isn’t much, but if you click on the photos you can see them bigger.


2 thoughts on “This Week in the Life.

  1. Happy almost 6 weeks of recovery. it sounds like you are ready.
    God has a way of bringing us down a few pegs, doesn’t he? thanks for sharing. yes, i know what you mean and it’s so nice to know that no one else has it all together either, no matter what they look like… happy healing.

    This quilt is gorgeous. I love every part of it. Great color combinations.

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