Preparing for Mother’s Day.

This morning I bought several different kinds of filler flowers and some tuberose at the farmer’s market for three mother’s day bouquets. Yesterday I was lamenting (whining?) about the fact that mother’s day isn’t always about me. The truth is that there are lots of mothers, grandmothers, second mothers, and mother-in-laws in our lives who want to be celebrated as well. Honestly, I was annoyed that I couldn’t just choose what I wanted to do on Sunday and be pampered all day. Mother Day, I decided, was really about whichever mother in your life is the pickiest and expects the most.

But today I lay out the flowers from the market alongside the the pink roses from our garden and I took some time to think. As the boys played at a neighbor’s house, I listened to worship music and cut away the excess leaves. Three beautiful bouquets came out of a pile of mess. It was somewhat cathartic, poking a stem in here, cutting down a flower there, singing along to the music in an otherwise quiet house. Even as I cleaned up the waste at the end, I realized that, no, it’s not all about me. Over the past five weeks since my surgery, life has pretty much revolved around me (as much as it can, for a mother) and I’ve gotten a little spoiled.

The various mothers in my life have rallied around and helped over and over and over again. My little ‘village’ has pitched in more than I could have ever hoped. And really, with a husband like mine who revels in spending daily time with our boys, cleans bathrooms and carpets and dishes and clothes, and daily attends to my needs, I don’t need much of a special day. Every day with him is Mother’s Day to me. My thankfulness for him cannot be measured.

That’s not to say that I won’t be looking for a few cards and a breakfast in bed and some extra kisses and love from my boys on Sunday! Oh, and the last of the three bouquets is for me, because seeing fresh flowers makes me smile. But on Saturday we’ll head to the beach to celebrate life with my family, and on Sunday we’ll head over to Greg’s parents’ house to honor his mom. I’ll bring a bouquet for each mom with notes of thanks. They’ll enjoy our company and I’ll be thankful. Because it’s not all about me, it’s all about US. All of us, living together, pitching in, being a family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers!


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