Our Upcoming ‘Stay-cation’.

Well, we wanted to take a quick family getaway at the beginning of June before the crowds swell with the summer. We looked into several destinations which each held our interest for several minutes at a time. The best places interested us for a few hours before our excitement for them petered out. I think we’re just not ready for a big trip right now, what with the events of the past month and the craziness we’ve had. So…

We’re taking a ‘Stay-cation’ in a few weeks! This, we’re excited about. Our own bed, our own house to relax in. Right now the idea of packing up and going somewhere just exhausts me, so this will be good. We’ll be saving the money from the flights and hotel/motorhome/rental car/campsites and using it to visit some great local spots together. Greg will take the week off work and I’ll somehow fit in some reading time, so that I know it’s really a vacation.

Disneyland, Discovery Science Center, San Diego Wild Animal Park, Wild Rivers…lots of eating out (so I don’t need to cook and Greg doesn’t need to clean up) and maybe a movie thrown in here and there. Miniature golfing? Maybe. Riding bikes to the creek? Probably. Hiking? You betcha. If someone in the family likes it, we’ll do it. Hmm…maybe we’ll even eat sugar cereal like we do on real vacations. (I don’t want my kids growing up not knowing what Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms are, so we eat sugar cereal on vacation!)

It’s not quite as glamorous as going somewhere new, but I think it suits us just fine this year. Bring on the Stay-cation!


3 thoughts on “Our Upcoming ‘Stay-cation’.

  1. wwhen does your stacation begin? I wonder how I could add to the trip. Does that mean I must be stacationing too as I don’t often join your regular vacations. I’ll think about it. I think this website will count as “post cards”.

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