Tonight’s Dinner.

It’s been over two years since I began blogging. It’s so odd to look back at my earliest blog posts and see my growth as a person, especially when it comes to food. So whenever I cook something that I discovered in those first blogging months, I feel like I’m coming full circle . When I began this blog, I was just barely learning (here’s the beginning) about eating seasonally and locally, and you might recall my fear of relying on the farmer’s market for my produce. I remember feeling totally unprepared every week, not knowing where to buy what and how much it should be. When going to the grocery store, you just buy the tomatoes because they’re there. You don’t worry about if they’re in season and how much they should cost. I know I’ve made progress because today when I went to the grocery store I couldn’t even bring myself to buy the sad tomatoes there. They were on my list because our next farmer’s market isn’t until Friday, but I just could do it. It would have been too painful. I’m a full fledged produce snob and I’m sorry about it. But now that I buy my avocados and citrus from Jimmy and Anita, my honey from Noah the honeyman, and my produce and strawberries from Juan and Alejandra, I just can’t cheat on them with hard supermarket tomatoes. It wouldn’t be right.

So instead of the roasted tomatoes I wanted to try today, I’m making Swiss Chard with Beets, Goat Cheese & Raisins again. It was the first dish I tried when my CSA basket came full of Swiss Chard. What does one do with Swiss Chard? Do you have any ideas? Because, really, I still don’t have any other great recipes for it, and those darn baskets kept coming every week full of the stuff. My sister Amy and I ate more of this Swiss Chard with Beets, Goat Cheese & Raisins than you’d think humanly possible that summer.

Oh Amy, why did you have to go and get a full time job that makes you feel happy and fulfilled and like all is right with the world? Why couldn’t you continue working in that part time hell and being miserable and spending your days with me eating this dish? Really. Sisters. What are you thinking?

I’m eating this tonight and thinking of you, Amy.

P.S. If you haven’t tried this dish, please do. It’s very forgiving. If I don’t have Swiss Chard I just use the beet greens. And if you forget to buy the jalapenos or the pine nuts, this dish won’t mind. It’s just happy to be a delicious way to use up your chard. But please, whatever you do, don’t forget the goat cheese.


4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner.

  1. You could just chop it, fry it very lightly, sprinkle on some feta cheese or grilled haloumi and serve with roasted potatos, carrots and parsnips.

  2. Hey Linn! Why did I have to get a fulfilling job? I’m going to miss the chard dish. I remember that night. I miss not cooking with you. I also feel like the boys have gotten so big so fast. Stop feeding them so healthy and maybe they will stop. Wish I was there. Looking forward to see you soon. Thanks for your blog it keeps me up to date.

  3. A chard dish with just a good vinaigrette salad dressing. I slice off the stems to chop separately.I start the water to boil and place them in the steamer tray. When the water is boiling I place it quickly into the pot,put on lid. After about 2 minutes, lid up and quickly toss in the chopped leaves. Then serve it hot. The “salad” dressing goes on each person’s portion Those who like a lot of flavor can really pour it on. Oh,I mean adults. For kids, ask them and shake/pour it over the chard for them. Yes, yes add crumbled cheese too as it sounds like a good addition.

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