Sorry I’m So Behind.

Wow. The week got away from me. When I returned from my friend’s birthday weekend in Phoenix, I tried to get caught up with things at home and found myself scrambling Friday with a TO DO list a mile long. Turn in boy scout paperwork (which, for the record, was more extensive than the paperwork I filled out for my surgery! Those boy scouts mean business!), upload my latest layouts for my creative team May commitments (nothing like the last minute, right? Here are credits for the layouts above and below), pack for our weekend away in San Diego, etc. etc. etc….THEN the fridge broke. Or rather, it had broken the evening before, I guess, because most everything in the freezer was thawed out. Ugh. Transfer everything to trash or to the gracious neighbors who shared their fridges and freezers for the day. Luckily we got a fridge repairman who fixed it Friday night and we spent a wonderful weekend in San Diego with Amy and Rob. Now we’re playing catch up again. And eating a lot of fish this week, as the fish that thawed is now sitting in the fridge and needs to be eaten ASAP. So I made this wonderful recipe again tonight with halibut and I plan to try the wonderful crock pot cookbook recipe for fish chowder tomorrow. And I guess we’ll do salmon the next day. Here‘s my favorite recipe for that. Meanwhile, I’ll keep trying to catch up after our trip, and we’ll celebrate Jake’s kindergarten graduation tomorrow. We’re postponing our staycation because work stuff came up for Greg and maybe he can save a few days off for when my brother’s family (maybe) comes out in a few weeks. Phew. What a boring blogger I am today. I promise to edit some photos and post soon. After all, I do have two vacations to recap, and plenty of 5photos weeks to share.


2 thoughts on “Sorry I’m So Behind.

  1. Hurrah you’re back at creating our Peaceliving. I was missing my fix. That 3rd photo of Tyler is a riot. He looks like Ricky Valence or an Everley Brother with hair like that..

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