Phoenix Part 1: Mid-Century Morning.

It’s been over a week since I returned from my Arizona vacation, but I just have to share these photos. My wonderful college girlfriend, Kristina, lives in this beautiful home. These are real mid-century modern furniture pieces. Kristina and Donny live a life that others dream of…jet-setting around the country and the world in their jobs as flight attendants, and collecting and decorating their home with authentic vintage decor.

Walking into their home is like walking into the pages of Dwell magazine. It helps that they don’t have kids to mess it all up, but knowing Kristina, if she did have kids she’d have them trained to pick up after themselves from infancy…after all, she was adept at training roommates to do it when we were in college! And it’s always nice when a good friend marries someone you actually enjoy talking to, isn’t it? A husband who can converse intelligently about the emergent church and who hopes to someday build art like this (which hangs on their dining room wall) is okay in my book!

Kristina and Donny are such wonderful people, and spending time with them discussing theology, poetry, and Danish modern furniture was a perfect way to change my gears from the kid-crazed and messy of home, to the mature and serene of an adult vacation. Ahhh. It didn’t hurt that we started the weekend here, at this farm restaurant.

That’s the farm there, just beyond the tables. Kristina, you know me so well.

And these are the green bean fries. That I just had to have. Even though I already ordered a nice fresh chicken pesto sandwich. Really, how can you not order something called green bean fries?

I was not disappointed. In fact, I really ought to try making something like them at home. The squeezing of the lemon over the top is imperative.

Not a bad way to start a girls’ weekend, huh?


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