Phoenix Part 2: Serenity Now.

Do you remember George Costanza’s dad screaming for “Serenity Now!” in the old Seinfeld episode? Greg and I have been known to lighten the mood of an otherwise hopelessly crazy moment by using the same phrase. It pays to be married to a fellow Seinfeld lover. Some days as a mom scream anything but serenity. In stark contrast, my girlfriend Tria’s 40th birthday weekend in Phoenix brought serenity, now.

After my short day with Kristina and Donny, I joined up with the ladies and arrived to find this in my room.

Tria, you’re such a sweetheart. I felt like I’d received some swag at a post-Oscar party or something. The chocolate in the bag helped me enjoy the next morning like this.

Not a bad way to start the day. Crisp clean sheets, bright Arizona sunshine, a new (and wonderful) parenting book, and of course, chocolates. From there, the day was all hard work. Here’s looking out…

…and looking down…

…and for taking in…

Some girls just know how to party. Discount shopping, lots of eating in great restaurants and by the pool, time to chat, to read, to relax, to breathe. And some time at the desert botanical gardens where the cacti were in bloom. Just one saguaro with her little blossom hat was sweet enough, but then add to that hundreds of others, standing in groups with bouquets in their hands…

Arizona, I have to admit that you are one nice spot in the spring.

Thanks for the peaceful weekend away, ladies. And Happy Birthday, Tria!


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