5Photos :: weeks eighteen & nineteen.

It’s a good thing I’ve got this 5photos project to post here on the blog or I’d be SO behind on my photo editing! As it is, I haven’t taken many photos in the past two months, but I’m glad I’ve taken a few to capture the everyday life. So while I’m still two weeks behind, I’ll finally post the ones from the first two weeks of May. First is Tyler who is the chef of the boys and loves to help me cook…on this day we made lemonade, grapefruit juice, and orange juice. Fresh squeezed juice from Jimmy-the-avocado-man’s citrus is so good.

I wanted to capture real life here…the laundry and everyday mess and the boys playing together.

You’ve seen this one before…assembling the bouquets for Mother’s Day.

And this one…home from the farmer’s market. I’ve always seen movies where the women have a baguette in their bag from the market and I was jealous. And guess what?! Our little market is growing and finally has a bakery stall! With whole wheat baguettes! For only $2.50! What a great Friday night dinner addition.

That baguette in action.

Our first big beach day. I love sand-covered children.

And a good campfire afterwards.

But this one is my favorite of the two weeks. The expressions on their faces are so uninhibited. To me, this is the epitome of my boys enjoying life.

This is not the best photograph, but I marvel at the fact that I have a kindergarten graduate now…and he can read! Wow. I feel old and proud. To think that my baby boy can read a recipe amazes me.

Self-portrait of week nineteen. (Week eighteen’s was me with the bag over my shoulder from the market.) I’m trying to keep up with a self-portrait a week. I think I’ve missed two or three, but I like the idea that I’ll have a good set of them at the end of the year.

I love this still life of the avocados. It might be tied as my favorite photo of these two weeks.

And Kristina’s place, as I showed you a few days ago.

This Saturday morning photo makes me feel more relaxed by just looking at it. Kind of like reading a spa website’s description of their massages.

And looking down at my feet on our day next to the pool in Phoenix finishes out week nineteen.

Weeks twenty and twenty-one will be coming soon. They include the rest of the Phoenix trip (the botanical gardens!), our last Disneyland trip before summer crowds, a little everyday-ness, and our weekend trip to San Diego. I’m almost caught up!


7 thoughts on “5Photos :: weeks eighteen & nineteen.

  1. Hi, new reader here. Really nice photos. Love the chocolate & book in the bed. And of course, the boys being boys….candid and real. Nice blog.

  2. I had a nice long visit on your blog today, what beautiful photos! I wish that I was smart enough to make home made juice for my son when he was little, you are such an awesome mom! Happy graduation to your kindergarten graduate!

  3. Hello, I have been following your blog for some time now and I love your gentle spirit. It is so refreshing and inspiring. I absolutely love your ‘market bags’! Where do they come from?

    • I made my bags myself with my serger with some leftover home decor weight Amy Butler fabric. I love them too! Glad you stopped by!

  4. Beautiful blog. Your home and pictures are lovely and I love your dedication to organization, simple living, health, and art. I’ll certainly continue to check back for inspiration!

  5. Right now I’m behind on my editing, too. You have such a talent editing photos–they always turn out so lovely and warm–releasing love (or at least that is how I feel about them!). I love, love your market bags–I’m whipping up a bunch this weekend if all plans go my way!

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