Why Do I Blog?

There are times when people ask me about why I blog and I don’t always have a good answer for them. It’s not as easy as spending my spare time baking. It’s not as mindless as crashing in front of the T.V.. It’s not as tangibly productive as sewing or quilting. And of course there are weeks when I barely think about my blog because there are much bigger things to be doing. But for some reason I always return here in the end. I’m in the mood for a list.

  1. It Keeps Me Accountable to Live the Life I Want To Live: Blogging seems to remind me to return to what’s important. If I don’t have anything to blog about it, it sort of gets me wondering about how we’ve been spending our time. Are we in a rut? Have we been experiencing nature together enough? Are we going anywhere new or exciting or interesting, or have I been lazy in the planning of our days? If I don’t have anything to blog about, it raises a bit of a red flag in my mind…have I been nurturing the boys’ creative spirits enough lately? Am I still moving forward on my path towards more family-friendly and earth-friendly living? Have I made any changes in my life or learned anything new or read anything thought provoking? Am I stagnating?
  2. It Keeps Me Centered: Sometimes I write blog posts just to process what’s going on around me. When I take the time to think about what is happening, I often find the lesson God has in it for me. Just the act of writing brings me from the frazzled edges and closer to the calm center where God can speak into my heart. Writing about the small things in life helps me see patterns in our lives and recognize our growth and our joys. It helps me find meaning in my surroundings.
  3. It Helps Me Stay Positive: This was the main benefit I first saw from blogging when I began a few years ago. If you’re constantly looking for something positive to blog about (which was definitely my mindset when I started!) you reap the unexpected benefit of becoming a more positive person! This was (and is) definitely something I needed in life.
  4. It Records Our Lives and My Thoughts: In the past year, I’ve realized the value of my blog as an online journal. In the beginning my goal was to have more readers and a wider audience. I spent my hobby time cruising and commenting on other blogs and reading all the comments that it brought to my own blog. It was a lot of work, to be honest. Now I have a different aim. In addition to the other reasons on this list, my blog is really just an online diary. The nice thing for a scrapbooker like me is that this blog is not just about my kids or our travels or our family, but about me. My thoughts, my feelings, my dreams, my lessons. It’s nice to have a spot that’s really just mine.
  5. It Might Inspire Someone on Their Own Path: The first blogs I read inspired me to live differently. They encouraged me to make adventure and exploration happen in our lives. They helped me to notice the rhythms of the year and embrace them. They pushed me along in my journey. They gave words to my inner longings and helped me shape goals to make life happen the way I wanted it to. They helped me live more intentionally. So if those blogs did that for me, I wonder if sharing my own path just might help someone else think about their own goals and dreams in life. And hopefully they’ll take a step in the right direction because they leave just a little bit inspired.
  6. It Gives Me A Little Boost: Every once in awhile, I’ll mention something to a friend and they’ll say, “Oh yeah! I read that on your blog.” It always surprises me, because I don’t really know who reads my blog and who doesn’t. But I love it when I find out that someone I know in real life is reading here. I know my blog is not the most popular nor the most well done. It’s not going to win any awards or rock anyone’s world. But it’s a good little spot where I spend some time each week for all of the reasons above. And it’s always nice to hear that someone else enjoys it, too. So if you are a regular reader (especially you real life friends of mine!) speak up! Leave a little comment here and there so I know you’re out there. Your comments make my day. For hours I find myself marveling, “Wow! So-and-so reads my blog!” and it makes me happy.

8 thoughts on “Why Do I Blog?

  1. i have so many of the same thoughts. i really do look at my blog like a journal and that guides what/how i write. and i’ve been trying to do a better job at transferring it all to a blurb book so i can have a hardcopy…not so good at remembering that, though!

  2. Hey, I read your blog and love it! This was a lovely post. I have the same type of post in a draft that I will one day hit publish. I get so much inspiration and ideas from others blogs. I love this community. With life so busy, I have not been able to spend time developing friendships, but in some ways I think of the people behind the blogs I read, as friends. They just don’t know me yet.

  3. And it really does! It inspire me on the other side of the world! I live in northen Europe and my life is very much different from yours but still, all your thoughts about peeling of and digging deaper, keaping focused on what’s important, all that is so important for everyone, regardless were they are or how they live their life. Thanks!

  4. Hey Linn, I’m a real-life friend reading your blog! I liked the flower pictures your boys painted. My goal is to have my boys try their hands at that someday soon. This three kids thing has thrown me for a loop, though, and I don’t know when it might actually happen! I’ll have to send pictures when it does.

  5. Hi Linn,

    I cannot remember how I found your blog {probably soulemama}, but I have been a reader for over a year. You have inspired me and continue to look for that inspiration in your words and in your art. So thank you for your honesty and open-ness; it has encouraged and inspired me in many ways. 🙂

    Your blog friend,


  6. I just read a couple of your posts and I think you do a really good job of putting your thoughts on your blog. Some people have a way with words and they seem to flow well and convey thoughts well. Your blog does inspire and I wish I lived near the ocean to have beach nights but alas, I am landlocked in the mid-west and have never lived near the ocean. I do have fantastic lightning bugs in the trees in my backyard at night now. Oh, the majesty and wonder that God created in the world. Thanks for your QP too!

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