The Return of Beach Nights.

As I watched the photos from the summer’s first beach night load onto my screen, I smiled and thought about what a wonderful day it has been. For about 10 seconds I held that thought before remembering that, really, it was a pretty crummy day. The ten seconds of thought were interrupted when I felt the severe pain as I swallowed, and remembered that I most likely have strep throat and have been in major pain all day (and all of last night) but didn’t have time to go to the doctor today because I was busy waiting for the refrigerator repair man to come (again). I also didn’t have time to make any fabulous food for our first beach night because if I HAD had any free time today after unloading the fridge for the second time in three weeks, I definitely would have needed to go to the doctor rather than the store.

But that doesn’t matter, because tonight was our first beach night and now everything is suddenly better again.

When the boys heard that beach nights were starting, they were SO excited. Tyler couldn’t wait to help Papa Ken start the fire, and Jake prayed last night thanking God for beach nights. And why wouldn’t they? Last year‘s beach nights were such fun. Tonight was just as good as they had hoped. The boys romped with their cousin…

built castles and dug deep holes…

and, for some reason, got a thrill out of stealing food items from the table to hide with behind the beach hut near our bonfire. We noshed on Michele’s tasty salmon spread and Aunt Krissy’s beet salad, which I had specially requested, among other beachy things.

And s’mores, of course.

The waves were just the right size and the beach was empty although it never even got chilly enough for a sweatshirt. Perfect.

This is the magic of beach night. It doesn’t matter how terrible your day was. Just pack whatever you can remember to bring into the car and get there. Don’t worry if you forgot your towels (like I did) or if you’re sick in body or soul. Because our weekly beach nights soothe whatever is aching and offer both scenery and company unrivaled in this world.

Let the summer begin!


4 thoughts on “The Return of Beach Nights.

  1. Oh how lovely, it all looks so nice. You know last year we only made it to the beach once. It was really cold so not a great visit, but this year, I have put it on our list of things we must do this summer. In fact, it calls for beautiful weather this weekend, and now I’ve really got the beach on my mind.

  2. Beach night was such a perfect night! Delanaey was so excited to celebrate her last day of kindergarten with the first night of beach night! And oh my goodness we couldn’t of asked for such beautiful weather. I love summer and even though I won’t be able to take more than a few days off this summer our beach nights always make me feel like we are on vacation!

  3. Hi. My name is Jeffri. I found your website through the Jessica Sprague bloghop. I have been wanting to do/make a blog and after reading your “Why do I blog?” entry of June 13, I am inspired by your blog to make that a reality. I am curious though if you use the “free” version on WordPress or do you pay for your blog?

    I did a blog last year using the free version and the website is noted above; but, now I want to make a separate blog that’s just for me to record the changes I want to make in my life; and I would like to have archives and photos, etc.

    I hope you are willing to respond. Thank you.

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