Summer Dreaming.

A friend was over this morning asking me what we’ve been up to this summer. And I really don’t know. I mean, I know how we spent the two weeks of craziness with cub scouts and cousins, but where did June go? We’re halfway through July and I feel like we just haven’t gotten into the summer groove.

So today I’m officially declaring the beginning of our lazy days of summer. It helps that today’s also the first hot day of the season (90 degrees! wow, you are hot. i can feel the sweat dripping down my back.) So these are the things I’m going to do before school starts in September:

  1. make gazpacho. (V8, lemon juice, wine vinegar, olive oil, worchestershire, sesame seed oil, heart of palm, tomatoes if you have them, avocado, goat cheese on top.)
  2. run in the sprinklers. sometimes we happen upon our neighborhood field while the sprinklers are on. we make it a point to always jump in, no matter what we’re wearing. it’s one of those childhood joys that just can’t be skipped. haven’t done it yet this summer.
  3. freeze strawberries. this year i can freeze them whole, since i have the most powerful blender in all the land.
  4. not flake out on my virtual quilting bee. i’m already behind and it’s only month two.
  5. celebrate 10 years of marriage tomorrow!! with a two person road trip with hubby on friday and saturday!
  6. annual trip to the OC Fair. take our family picture in the photobooth.
  7. swim in the ocean. i love bodysurfing. i’m picky about water temperature. these things don’t mesh well here on the west coast where waters run cold.
  8. plan a vacation for our february school break.
  9. vacation with friends in Cambria.
  10. make a new backpack for Jake.
  11. make a new school bag for Tyler. these two are non-negotiables, as far as the boys are concerned.
  12. read on my new back porch glider.
  13. make a sandcastle together.
  14. start a book club. my friends and i are determined that we’re finally going to do this.
  15. catch up on my 5photos scrapbook for the year.
  16. bake some heavy german bread. it’s not really bread baking weather, but lately i’ve just not wanted american food for breakfast. i’m longing for my german breakfast of dark bread with a little butter and slices of gouda cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a little salt. yum.
  17. write out my thoughts about Jake’s schooling. i’ll share them when i finish them.
  18. have lunch with tutu, my 97 year old grandmother. the hard part about this is that the boys and i must all be sniffle-free.
  19. make spare ribs. i have some grass fed ribs in the freezer from frank, my farmer’s market beef man. but i have no idea how to cook them.
  20. read my bible daily. i spend a lot of time reading about the bible in other great christian books, and not enough time actually reading my bible.

Two months left until school starts. Summer, let’s play!


3 thoughts on “Summer Dreaming.

  1. that is a GREAT list. i am going to do some of those things too 🙂 and happy anniversary by the way! i bought gorgeous fabric on my way home from seeing you AND whipped up a quilt. i was inspired 😉

  2. Hi Linn! You sound happy and content. Your summer dreaming list is filled with a great combination of meaningful things and also wonderfully fun things. It’s the essence of summer. I enjoyed reading it.

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