5Photos: Weeks Twenty & Twenty-One.

These 5Photos are from quite a while back! For those of you new to the project, I’m choosing 5 photos (sometimes a few extras) a week that I feel best represent our lives each week. I’m trying to get some self-portraits in, experiment with landscape photography, and use some new photo actions…basically trying to stretch my photographic muscles. So here are the photos for the end of May/beginning of June.

To show you how far back this is, the first photo of week twenty was from my Phoenix trip. What a relaxing weekend that was.

After our drive home, I went straight to Jake’s baseball game. This photo frustrates me because the lighting and coloring is horrible, but I really wanted to get another baseball photo into my 5Photos this week…baseball was such a big thing during those spring weeks. I love Jake crouching down to tag out the runner.

And I don’t know why I like this blurry picture. Sometimes the blurry ones are the ones that just do it for you. The colors, I think, as we wait for Star Tours at Disneyland…that’s it.

And a self-portrait-of-the-whole-family taken with my camera perched on a trashcan at Disneyland.

Then we headed down to San Diego to visit with Amy and Rob for Memorial Day weekend. I was still recovering from surgery so I watched the boys play ball from this position.

I love walking in the city shots.

We were surprised to discover that the boys really like exploring the U.S.S. Midway Aircraft Carrier museum. Especially when they’re celebrating Memorial Day by having uniforms for the boys to try on as they go in and out of the flight simulators.

This photo of my three boys is one of my favorites. I love the colors from the post processing and the way Jake’s rolling his eyes being silly. Tyler’s got his fake smile on, but isn’t that indicative of these days, too?

Extraordinary Desserts. Yum.

And the beginning of week Twenty-One…Amy and Jake playing Wii on Sunday morning.

The Padres game.

Amy is such a sweet auntie. She built a little fort for the boys to sleep in with headlamps and everything. What could be more fun?

When we got back from San Diego, it was time for Jake’s kindergarten graduation where he recited “Hickory Dickory Dock” like a champ.

We celebrated the end of the school year by going to the local discovery science museum. The boys could have stayed in this section all day.

On to summer. The boys have the most gentle swim teacher in the world. He’s a swim-whisperer. He gently suggests that they put their heads under and swim to him, and they do it. He gets them to dive and dolphin kick and swim across the pool. It’s amazing. Expensive, but amazing.

I love this one of Jake at bat.

And Tyler shucking the corn.

I’m trying to print out these 5Photos and keep them in a scrapbook and I’m quite a ways behind. I hope to catch up on that in the coming weeks so that I have a good record of our life right now.


One thought on “5Photos: Weeks Twenty & Twenty-One.

  1. i just love looking at your photos. LOVE it. you have some really great shots here!

    also…NINETEEN years??! omg! we should do something special next year for our 20th 🙂

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