Early Bird.

Our new little nephew is here…one month ahead of schedule and happy and healthy as can be. I had the chance to take his one week photos yesterday and marveled again at how tiny a newborn can be. I kept saying, “He’s like a little doll!” and other such insulting things at which I’m sure my cousin LeAnna rolled her eyes. I didn’t notice. I was too busy snuggling this little bundle. I’ve never taken newborn photos with the parents before so I was a bit uncertain about it, but I think we captured this moment in the family’s life pretty well for a first try. Welcome, baby!


5 thoughts on “Early Bird.

  1. Beautiful photos as always, and Congrats! But, I am confused. Who had a baby? Is that one of Greg’s brothers? Love the black background. What did you use for that?

    • I bought some black felt on sale at joann’s yesterday and happened to have it in the car. I had to do some photoshopping to extend the black to all edges. We can definitely use the felt in V’s 1 year old photo shoot!

  2. It was good news about growing family and wonderful pictures. I especially appreciate the one of both parents and baby in the circular orb arrangement. Such good art!

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