I mentioned the other day that God has some new plans for our family this fall…

No, we’re not having another baby…we’re becoming foster parents! Greg and I both feel that what God has given us needs to be shared with the little ones in need. There are so many things to consider when making this kind of decision, but the short story is that after much prayer and thought, we’re going to give this a try and see if it works for our family. When the process is complete (sometime this fall) our home will be open for one or two kids (siblings) anywhere from newborn to age 5. Right now we are leaning towards becoming an emergency shelter home, where the kids would be placed for 2-30 days right when they are pulled from their homes. During that time the judge will decide if they have a safe place to return to or if they will be placed in longer term foster care, at which point we can keep them longer if the situation seems right for our family, or we can help them transition into a longer term placement somewhere else. Our placements might come with a few days or hours notice, or they might come with a middle of the night phone call looking for a place for someone right away.

This is the closet of our guest bedroom, which will be the foster kiddos’ room…we’re collecting a few things in each size to have on hand so we’re not rushing out to the store every time we get a new placement. Notice my little spreadsheet there so I can keep track of what sizes and genders of clothes we have already and what we need to buy. I’m a little too organized sometimes, I guess. And can I admit that I bought this:

It wasn’t on the list, but I mean, really. There’s got to be a little girl that wears size 2T who’s destined to come into our home. And if the poor unsuspecting child shows up, we’re taking her swimming, gosh darnit, whether it’s the middle of winter or not. Well, maybe I won’t be that harsh. But how could I pass up this puckered little ruffly number on clearance for $5? Really. How? When I’ve been languishing in the boys’ clothing section for so many years? And these:

…a pink ruffly shirt and skirt with attached bloomers? And seahorses and hearts in summery colors? For $1 or $1.50 each? You understand, don’t you? I’ve been deprived for too long…what else can I say?

We’re taking classes and filling out homestudies and babyproofing and generally preparing as well as we can for our new kiddos. It’s the mental preparation, though, that’s the hardest. These days I find myself a bit weepy when I read about mistreated and abused children in the papers and when we sing worship at church, knowing that somewhere our future foster kids are probably already experiencing the abuse that will result in them being removed from their homes to ours. If you think to pray for all of these little ones around the world, especially those that will be in our family soon, we would certainly appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Nesting.

  1. Good for you! It takes very special people to do this. Somehow I know you are going to do a fantastic job.

    I had a student removed from their home this year, and I hope they went to a home like yours.

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