the foster kiddos' room...we'll have a trundle under the big bed and a crib in the left hand corner just out of the picture

I stand with arms high and heart abandoned in awe of the one who gave it all. I stand, my soul Lord to you surrendered, all I am is Yours.

I don’t know why I’m amazed at how God works anymore. I should have realized by now that when I listen to His voice and walk in His ways, He can makes things work out exactly how He wants them to.

Since we began the fostering process a few months ago, the pieces are falling into place in the most amazing ways. It’s been easy. Yes, easy. I know that the actual fostering won’t be easy, but the preparation has been an experience of one door after another opening right when we step towards it.

We need a few carseats to have on hand to fit different sized kiddos. And a crib. And a high chair. And a very particular brand of baby locks for the millions of things the county wants locked up. Suddenly, the carseats appear. We have to turn away volunteers who want to add to the growing carseat avalanche in our garage. And a friend just happens to be cleaning out her attic and has a crib. In white, which is what I’d have chosen had I gone out and bought one. And Mom, the ever frugal one, saved the high chair she had at her house when our boys were little and will give it to me. But then, a friend has one, too, that she’d like to donate…so now we’ll have one here and one at Mom’s for visits. The exact kind I liked when the boys were little. And those certain baby locks? The expensive ones that cost at least $4 a pop? I get an email, “Hey Linn, do you need any baby locks? We just took ours off (their youngest is almost eight) and can bring them over if you want them.”  The exact brand. A whole bag full. My cup overflows.

Not to mention the clothes. We’re trying to have a pair of pajamas, a warm outfit, and a cool outfit on hand in each size and gender for the emergency placements we might get. Just so we can avoid a shopping trip on day one. And people are generous. Even so, I can’t stop myself from buying a few little things at Children’s Orchard, our local second hand kids shop. And while I’m at Children’s Orchard…

I find a baby carrier. I’ve been researching babywearing for the infants that might be coming into our lives this fall needing a comforting touch as they recover from addictions formed in the womb. There are all kinds of carriers out there. But I was really interested in finding an Ergo carrier to add to the sling I already had for Tyler and the baby wrap I made out of some cotton gauze on clearance. Both my friend Angie and my cyber-friend Megan swear by theirs, and that’s enough for me. While I research I find out about Beco Baby carriers, which are quite similar to Ergos. I’d never heard of the brand, but after reading up, I’m interested. But Ergos go for $130 with the infant insert and Becos go for $140 . Quite a lot to spend for babies who will only be with us less than a month. Sigh.

Then I go to Children’s Orchard. Some random bin of junk in the back. A little clear bag with a $24.99 price tag. I turn it over. Beco Baby, the tag says. I open it up…brand new. Like it’s never been worn. If it had been the better known Ergo brand, it probably would have been snatched up. If I’d been there three days ago before I read about Becos, I probably would have left it behind.

We had a discussion in our small group about miracles a few months back. We argued back and forth about whether a miracle was only something that couldn’t happen naturally or whether it was something that was so unexpected and rare that it seemed like it would never happen. I don’t know the right answer to that. But I do know that it feels like a miracle that God cares each of us. He especially loves those little ones about whom no one else cares. He’ll even coordinate the circumstances to work out just so in the lives of those who are willing to follow Him. Wow.

I shouldn’t be surprised and amazed by God’s providence, but I am. God, you are so good.


5 thoughts on “Amazed.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful things the Lord is doing! He is definitly preparing you for this, and ushering you into it. I am so moved and inspired by this. I hope and pray that I will be able to do this in my future. It’s so beautiful and eminates the beauty and character of the Lord.

  2. I have been following your amazing adventure and I must say that this experience will be quite the journey for you and your family. God is certainly a God of miracles and He is good all the time. I will be anxiously awaiting further reports showing God’s blessings in your family life. I wish you the best.

  3. i have just loved your past few posts. schooling and fostering/adopting have been heavy on our minds.

    i hope to start the fostering process soon and am excited, nervous, but trying not to be anxious amidst all of it.

    i admire the way you write about schooling. such a touchy subject that you handle with grace yet conviction.

    and aren’t becos beautiful? i was going to buy one for lenna but baby girl only likes facing out and that seems most easily (and more cheaply!) accomplished with the sling. but perhaps she’ll like riding on our backs in the near future??

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