I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that I’m kind of obsessed with taking pictures of other people’s kids. It’s just that I have so many great pictures of my own kids, and sometimes I want to be able to give something wonderful to the friends who are wonderful to me. So a little afternoon at the park, in harsh mid-day sunlight, where the kids are all dressed for being drenched by the play fountains, is not the place where I’d expect to do an impromptu photo shoot. But when Jake climbed up here…

…and the light seemed just right, I couldn’t help but cajole my friends’ kids (whom I’d brought along for the trip) to climb up and take some photos as a present for their mom. It’s amazing how kids will cooperate when it’s a surprise and their mom’s nowhere in sight.

Look how the stones and the wheel make for such an interesting backdrop and the leaves form a great frame around the top of the photo. I’ve gotten out of the habit of carrying my camera everywhere. The moral of the story…always take your camera! Even in the middle of the day to a faraway park where you’ve never been and where the kids aren’t really dressed for portraits. You just never know.


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