Speaking of Other People’s Kids…

Sometimes the photo shoots aren’t quite so off the cuff as the one I posted yesterday. I like to give newborn photo shoots as a baby shower gift, but sometimes you just can’t stop photographing these sweet little friends. When it’s a good friend and you don’t have a baby girl and they do and she’s this sweet, you just can’t help yourself. You photograph her over and over…

…at one week…

…and six weeks…

…and three months…

…and six months…

…and a little later with her brothers and sister for Christmas…

…and now a year! We worked hard on this photo shoot…shooting mobile one year olds is quite different from shooting babies. But it was all worth it. Really, a purple tutu with a satin bow? Please.

First we took the bathroom mirror off the wall to try to get a few shots with that, which didn’t quite work as planned, but we did get this one.

Then we tried to corral her in front of the white backdrop, which worked long enough to get some shots like these.

And a few good black and whites.

Then we brought down the rocking chair, thinking that it would keep her in one spot. You can tell from her sneaky expression that she had other plans, as babies always do.

And by then we all needed a break, but I followed her into our breakfast nook, where the crumbs of our house reside and there’s a hideous doormat and a dirtpile and sand toys in the background outside, but I took this one, which we ended up loving…who knew?

And finally, after more than an hour of baby wrangling, we followed her into the living room and ended up at the piano for the last few unplanned shots and got these.

Phew! Baby girl, you wear me out. But you’re so cute that I don’t even mind. And if looking at these doesn’t give anyone the baby urge, I don’t know what will.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of Other People’s Kids…

  1. Linn – what can I say? Thanks so much for sharing your talent with our family! Love the walk down memory lane. All the photos are so beautiful!

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