The Big Shebang.

Half Birthday Party #3. Because two years ago I decided that summer beach parties were better than early February just-after-Christmas we-can’t-party-outside parties. Celebrating 6 1/2 years of life for Jake and 4 1/2 years for Tyler. Wow.

The much requested Hot Wheels cake. I think it was probably the worst of my birthday cakes, but it was still fine. Better than these beauties, decorated by the birthday boys.

Then again, there’s not much cuter than the artwork of kids, edible or otherwise.

Goodie bags and birthday banner made from this digital kit that I was highlighting for the creative team this week. Goodie bags held a squishy water ball for everyone, a new hot wheel car for the boys, a big bouncy ball for the girls, and some little toys and shovels and such for the babies. I wish that was all they held. But they were stuffed by the time everyone went home…more on that in a moment.

This is always the best part of beach birthday parties. Bashing around the beach with all of your best buddies.

Birthday boy #1. When did you get so old and tall? How are you almost seven?

This photo of her beautiful garden grown tomatoes is for the benefit of my cousin Michele, who needs validation. Just kidding Michele. Kind of.

Birthday Boy #2. You are the dirtiest, funniest, happiest, sweetest boy we know.

Now I remember why I have never before had a pinata at a party. Well, I have to admit, it was really a lot of fun. We got a great sturdy pinata that could last several beatings from each kid without breaking. The problem for me was this…

…too much candy! Here I am, the mother who really eschews candy for her kids, and I sent each kid home with a lunch bag bursting with junk. I’m sorry, friends. I didn’t mean to do it. I really should be better at estimating how much candy a given number of kids need. But when you’re faced with a rocket/car (anyone’s guess) pinata the size of a small european car, you sometimes get confused. In my defense, there were non-candy items in there, too. I blame all of this on my dear husband who made me go out and buy more, until the pinata was so full that the wire hanger broke.

But the most important thing…everybody had fun. Running in the waves, chasing each other, playing on the playground, pretending the lockers they were climbing on were safety boats in a sandy sea, bashing the lights out of a huge red car-like pinata, and yes, picking up pounds of candy. It was a good time. And so we are thankful for our dirty, tired, happy little family and for another celebration of life.


3 thoughts on “The Big Shebang.

  1. It’s about time some of my food makes it on your blog!!!
    But now I know the trick….pretty plates and bowls…not throw aways!

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