5Photos: Weeks Twenty-Two – Twenty-Four.

The month of June was pretty weak for me, photographically speaking. We were doing a lot of stuff, but I wasn’t taking many pictures. In fact, I don’t even have five good photos from these weeks so I’m combining them together just so I can move on to July!

Hiking in the canyon with the boys on the way to a homeschool class…

Painting some artwork…

…for great-grandma Tutu’s 97th birthday party!

Junk piles up in your office when you’re busy having fun.

Best Buddy Birthday Party at Disneyland. What could be better?

Playing in the new dirtpile in the backyard.

Beach nights begin.

The first Orange County Modern Quilt Guild Meeting ever.

Father’s Day Pancakes.

I never get tired of this spot…fruit ripening, fresh flowers from the garden, some favorite glasses from Anthropologie, and the birdie salt and pepper holders that Aunt Krissy gave me for my birthday.

Tyler, covered in books, jammies on backwards, falling out of bed. As usual.

Cousins are here!

And because I haven’t done self-portraits in a while, I took this with the camera on my computer screen.

July photos are next!


4 thoughts on “5Photos: Weeks Twenty-Two – Twenty-Four.

  1. Hi Linny!

    I love your blog! I always look for new posts from you and enjoy reading what you write. It’s fun to see the boys all grown up as big kids and to hear what’s new with you. Thank you!

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