Family Camp.


We’re finally home again! Last weekend we went up to Big Bear with our church’s Family Camp…it’s funny to think that a year ago we’d only been going to our new church for a few weeks and decided to go to Family Camp anyway, not knowing a soul. One of the pastors told Greg recently that they couldn’t believe it when they saw our names on the list last year…what can I say, I guess when we knew we’d found our church home, we wanted to jump right in. But this year was definitely more fun, since we know lots of families and felt more comfortable.

There were hours at the lake, dirt and games at the campsite, little hikes, and even an alpine zoo. Jake and Greg tried the kayak…

…and Tyler tried the Wave Runner with Greg and hated it! But we always like our family time in the tent together…




We ended up coming home a day early because we were scheduled to leave for our family vacation on Monday morning at 4 a.m. and we decided one good night’s sleep would help. So we checked out the boardwalk on the lake…


…and then headed back down the mountain.


Sunday after church we did laundry and packed up for the next phase of the vacation…a house on the coast in Cambria! Pictures coming soon…


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