This Week.


flying at flik's fun fair

I’ve been trying out a sort of computer fast this week. You know when you feel like your life is a little out of balance and you can’t quite put your finger on why? I’ve been feeling that way a bit this summer and decided to try fasting from the computer from the time when Greg leaves for work until he gets home in the evening. There’s always a little tiny reason I need to get online for just a moment, and then that turns into editing photos or checking email or some other time-sucker. On the first day I started a list of things I needed to look up on the computer that evening, and I had nine items by 10:00 a.m.. Phew! Obviously I need a little break.


getting wet in the two little waterparks...our reason for going!

But that means I still haven’t edited our Cambria photos. I haven’t caught up online, but I’m getting closer to being caught up in real life! More time getting back into the swing of house chores, more playdates with friends, an evening at the quilt guild, working on home studies, a few homecooked meals, a page or two in my 5photos scrapbook, reading an amazing book, a spur of the moment trip to Disneyland and an afternoon at the beach. All of that, and I still miss editing photos and posting here. So although the fast has been good, I know that blogging here does its part in bringing balance to my life, too. It’s good to go on voyages of self-discovery like this, don’t you think?


anticipating the ride on the bumper cars


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