In Case You Haven’t Noticed…

…I’m having an off blogging month. Or two. I just don’t seem drawn to post here too much lately, but I know (from experience!) that the drive will return someday so I’m trying not to fight it. Sorry about the slow-down around here. I’m trying to clean up the house (as always) so I can finish all the things on our list for the foster home study. I’m sewing a lot, inspired by the new quilt guild I joined. I just finished reading Radical, the most amazing non-fiction Christian book…inspiring Christians to realize what Jesus asks us to live for, instead of embracing the American dream of living for ourselves. (Thank you, Megan, for pushing me to read this!) And now reading a wonderful novel, The Help, for our first book club meeting next week! My friends and I have been wanting to start a book club forever, and now it’s finally happening.

I’m also dragging my heels because my wordpress account finally hit the point where I need to pay a yearly fee to upload any more pictures. Bummer. So I’m deciding what to do about that. But I did finally edit our Cambria photos. We started out at 4:00 a.m. to miss the morning traffic in L.A. and Santa Barbara. Good move. We made it to this little diner north of Santa Barbara within a few hours. I felt like I’d gone back in time.


And when we arrived at the house in Cambria, the other two families (some of our closest friends from church over the years) were just eating breakfast. After breakfast, we walked down the hill to the tidepools.





Jake spent the whole week filling his pockets with rocks. “Look at this one, Mommy!” he kept shouting until his pants were falling down. Good thing Aunt Krissy has a spot for him to keep his nature collections under his bed. Many rocks were added after this trip!



The house was beautiful. The first day the fog never lifted, but the rest of the week we had a gorgeous view, although it was almost always chilly. I like chilly. Because I like to wear scarves. It was perfect.


Most of our time was spent listening to the kids run around the house like crazy people. I was worried that they’d fight and get tired of each other after several days of playing, but they didn’t.


There were a few quiet moments of puzzling or playing Clue, with the moms reading on the couch or the porch in the background.


But when we felt too cooped up we ventured out into the forest neighboring their house. A very short walk during which we practically tiptoed down the path to avoid the poison oak. More poison oak than I’ve ever seen in my life. And with all those cool logs and hiding spots beckoning the kids to play. Too bad.


But we did go on a beautiful walk on Wednesday along the cliffs. And this is a testament for me to remember that I can get good pictures with my little pocket mini camera.




One morning the guys went golfing and the women packed the kids up to head to this little waterpark. It had a wonderful two foot pool with several slides and waterfalls and a play area, as well as a lazy river and a really great wave pool. Greg hooked us up with a cabana overlooking this pool, complete with a cabana girl to take our orders and bring us drinks and lunch. It was a pretty weak waterpark for older kids who want thrills, but perfect for our kiddos!


When the guys met us at the waterpark, the ladies took off from there for an evening of windowshopping in Cambria and eating curry at a restaurant in town. Relaxing…


On Thursday we thought about going to Hearst Castle, but were afraid that it wouldn’t be worth the expense for the amount of time the kids would want to stay. So we looked around for places to walk and we visited the elephant seals along this patch of coast.


But my favorite excursion was our last spot of the trip…a great pebbly beach with beautiful stones and equally beautiful views.


And driftwood forts! We stayed for quite a while.




Greg especially liked the lack of sand.


We even managed to bury the kids for a little while!



Here’s the whole gang. It really was a relaxing and fun week for all of us. A pleasant surprise.



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