Inspiration for the Beginning of the School Year: Going Public.

This is the definitive book for christians who choose to have their children in public schools. If that is you and you don’t have this book, you simply must buy it. It puts into words the feelings we have of wanting our children to learn from their troubles and experiences in the world rather than avoiding them. The authors have raised eight children in the public school system and it includes lots of real world situations and advice along with biblical teaching.

Excerpt from Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School by David & Kelli Pritchard:

“We consider ourselves to be our children’s number-one educators, and we will never give up that responsibility or privilege – even though they spend 30 hours a week in somebody else’s classroom. We instruct our kids every day. We look for the teachable moments that intersect with what they are experiencing outside our home. We draw frames around their encounters and activities, showing how they fit within God’s greater perspective.”


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