What are the Odds?

Tyler with his previous swim session partner

Some people think that there is no such thing as a coincidence. I’m not really one of those people. I think there are plenty of little things here and there that happen by chance. But I do not doubt that God has his hand in quite a lot of things that may look, to us, like a coincidence. Our experience this morning, for one.

You might remember that a little over a year ago we left our old church home. Greg was an elder there and for about two years we’d been trying to address some serious issues we were seeing in our church. When things weren’t being resolved in a way that we felt comfortable supporting with our time or our resources, we realized that God must be calling us to a church that we could support whole heartedly, as devastating as it was for us to leave. The worst part was that in those kinds of situations, people never quite understand where other people are coming from, and some friendships that you’ve cherished for years are inevitably damaged or severed.

So what are the odds that we show up to Tyler’s swim lesson today and find that one such friend is there on the pool deck? Even stranger, what are the odds that their son is now the other student in Tyler’s swim session?! It reminds me of the Casablanca quote, “Of all the gin joints (swim sessions) in all the towns (swim schools) in all the world, she walks into mine.” Wow. I am convinced that such a thing could not be a coincidence. I miss this friend. What does God have in mind by bringing us together to talk for 20 minutes every Thursday? I don’t know. It was a bit awkward. We will never have the same totally open communication that we used to have because of the divisiveness of the issues at our old church, but maybe this is the beginning of a path toward healing something I thought I’d lost completely and forever. Who knows what God has in store. But I know it is no coincidence.


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