5Photos: JULY (weeks 25-29)

I’m actually kind of glad that I got behind on posting these 5photos weekly. I felt kind of like the summer just passed me by, but as I look back at these pictures from July and August, I realize what a lot of wonderful things we packed into these summer weeks. So here are some favorites from a busy July.

Jake’s first Cub Scout Camp.

Uncle Rob’s San Diego Birthday weekend.

And a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Plus Tyler’s daily drawing session.

Beach Nights. I love beach nights. Greg hates sand. Greg hates the beach. But he comes to beach night each week for the rest of us. What a man.

Sick. We had several weeks of sickness and this self-portrait accurately portrays the feeling.

Cousin LeAnna’s baby shower!

Another self-portrait and another beach night. This time with streamers to celebrate our 10th anniversary and my niece Makayla’s junior high graduation.

Our 10th anniversary trip up the coast.

I forgot to show you the fair! Our annual expedition. I love this family photo in the house of mirrors.

Beach nights. Again. You can never have too many beach nights.

This is a favorite spot in my house. My windowsill over the sink with the little birdies Aunt Krissy gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

And LeAnna’s baby boy arrives four weeks early! Welcome!

Summer salads.

Summer “what can I do to keep busy” activities. Make a ‘miniature golf course’ in the backyard.

Tyler. He’s a bruiser.

Tomorrow I’ll show you August and then we’ll be caught up.


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