5photos: AUGUST: weeks 30-33

As I looked through the photos I took for the 5photos project in August, I realized that I’ve shared almost all of them here before.

The boys’ big half birthday party

Our church’s Family Camp


An impromptu Disneyland trip


Our Cambria vacation


This is the only one in my August 5photos that’s new. This boy loves his cat.

Creative play…

A day out with friends and an unexpected photo shoot

A fourteen month photo shoot

This really has been a summer of activity. It was rather unexpected how quickly this season flew by, and now Jake’s starting school tomorrow and Tyler starts on Friday. While I usually try to keep our schedule at a much more leisurely pace, we’ve done a lot of fun activities during these past months. But I’m definitely looking forward to the peaceful rhythm of the fall, which is just around the corner.

I’m going to try to be better about updating my 5photos project weekly from now on.


2 thoughts on “5photos: AUGUST: weeks 30-33

  1. Absolutely beautiful photos! Looks like you had a wonderful summer! Funny you went to Disneyland. We went there this summer too and I thought of you once or twice thinking of your California photos. It was a blast.

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