First Day, First Grade.

It was traumatic for me. Actually, I spent the entire week before school worrying about whether Jake would hate it, whether he’d have someone to play with, whether he’d know anyone. I was a mess.

Jake, on the other hand, was fine. He wasn’t nervous or sad or worried about any of the things I was worried about. And of course, he was right. There was nothing to worry about. His first three days have been great…playing P.E. games, doing Math worksheets (his favorite thing about the first day) and “Monster Words” (his teacher’s sneaky way of measuring their writing ability) and meeting new friends. Three days down, with one hundred seventy-seven to go. In a few weeks we’ll see if the honeymoon period wears off like it did last year, but from day one he’s been telling me more about school than he did last year, and he’s definitely more sure of himself. Maybe he just wasn’t quite ready for school last time. Who knows. We make fun of our preschool who is known for recommending that parents hold their kids one more year before kindergarten to give them “the gift of time”, but maybe that’s just what Jake needed…another year home. Of course, on Wednesday morning we did have the “I hate school!” cryfest already. Bummer. But it was more about him being annoyed that daddy wouldn’t play slot cars with him at 6:45 in the morning than about anything else. It was actually good for me to see that he tried that one after two great days. I’m learning not to connect the “I hate school!” with school, but more with the fact that life is hard when you’re six.

For the last several weeks as the school year has approached and it’s all become more real to me that I won’t see my boy for six hours every day, I’ve been resting the fact that God knows Jake even better than I do. In fact, he knows the teachers in the school, the students in the class, and everything that’s going to happen this year. He has Jake in His hands and He will put Jake where he is for a reason. Thank goodness I don’t have to be in control of this situation.

Here’s a scrapbook page I created to remember his first day of first grade.

Credits for digital supplies can be found here. Click on the picture to see it at full size.

Tyler begins school on Friday. Boy is that child ready to go! I, on the other hand, am lamenting the quiet that is coming. We’ll see how I adjust.


2 thoughts on “First Day, First Grade.

  1. Makes me think back to my kids first days at school. I had many a tear and fear but God had them in His hand. I am sure Jake will have a great year.

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