Then and Now : a.k.a. Reality Check.

Sometimes I like to shake things up around here and remind you that I am, in fact a real person. My house that has generally been showcased looking beautiful and organized is not always thus. If you’re wondering if other people’s homes are really neater than yours, the answer is no. Some people just hide it well. Other people just never invite anyone in. (No, really! Don’t you know some neighbors like that? I do.)

For example:

then: the foster bedroom looking oh-so-perfect.

now: the boys wanted to make just one more box castle before the foster kiddos arrive. At least the bed isn’t covered with boxes we’re collecting anymore, like it has been for the past two months. Poor Auntie Amy had nowhere to sleep last time she visited. Because aren’t guest beds made for collecting art supplies?

then: my office/art studio/boys’ art space. I love it when it’s clean and organized.


now: unfortunately, it usually looks like it does today…current projects spread everywhere, toys and coloring books strewn about, and a breakfast bowl from a day or two ago sitting next to the computer screen. Thus is life when you have to get out the door at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast is eaten while blog reading, if it’s eaten at all. The best thing about my office is that it’s not directly visible when you open the front door. So if the dining and living rooms are looking particularly clean, our guests can come in and feel inadequate. But then they make a 90 degree turn to their left and they breathe a sigh of relief when they see this.

Then: our dining room. We rarely eat here…mostly out of habit because it used to be on top of carpet. When we got wood floors a year or two ago we never made the switch.


Now: what we really use our dining room for…puzzles. And dumping stuff that we will get around to cleaning up later. And apparently for tossing socks you have no use for. One sock, mind you, not an even pair. Because that would just be too easy.

Then: Our kitchen. When those counters are cleared off, there’s no place I’d rather be. My brand of minimalism at its best.

Now: but it usually looks more like this. School papers and cookie cooling racks and crumbs on the island, water bottles here and there from the soccer game, dirty dishes and cookie pans on the counters and stovetop, and Spike the automated dinosaur roaring around it all. Now that’s peace living.

Then: my cozy little sewing nook. It’s just a section carved out of our bedroom behind our headboard, but I love having my own little space.

IMG_3945Now: Here’s why I love having my own little sewing space…to hide the mess that lives here most of the time. Rotary blades on the floor, of course. Do you think that will pass the home study safety inspection? Perhaps not. I hope our social worker isn’t reading this.

Then: Our bedroom. I love the colors and the headboard and the restfulness of this space.


Now: But honestly, I love it when it looks like this, too. The boys camped out overnight on our floor, just because. And when they make “nests” to sleep in, they need every pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal in the house. And apparently the beanbags and books, too. Do you like my school bus pillow case? I adopted it last night when my own pillow had mysteriously disappeared. How does this happen? I don’t know. But I love family sleepovers. And I don’t say that sarcastically. I love hearing their little sleepy sounds and knowing our whole family is snug in our bedroom together. Minus the cat. Who likes to sleep on top of my hair if we let her in, so we don’t because it makes me yell and it makes Greg laugh. And nothing’s more irritating than that.

So with all of these things in various rooms of my house, how do you think I choose to spend my Saturday? Blogging and sewing, of course. I took a picture of Tyler’s new quilt that I’m working on. My goal was to finish it before he was born. I’m only four and half years late. And I love that before taking this picture I didn’t even bother to clean up the discarded soccer uniform or the junk I dumped in the dining room to the left when I cleaned out my car. I have my priorities straight.

Welcome home!


3 thoughts on “Then and Now : a.k.a. Reality Check.

  1. Just wait until all the children leave and then clean rooms tend to stay cleaner for a little longer, but you always miss the mess they made.

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