Quick Update.

At this point I’m not even trying to pretend that this blog is a space to write about my crafts and cooking and peaceful living and such. We have our final homestudy walk through this Monday afternoon. If we pass, we will be added into the foster care system that day and could receive children within days.

I spent the whole day away from home: buying mattresses at Ikea for our new foster bunkbeds, filling a prescription from my dermatologist because I’m doing all my yearly appointments (and the boys’) right now to cut down on extra chaos when the kids arrive, taking care of last minute details for our first cub scout outing which was this afternoon, then helping my mom and grandma as we started cleaning out her apartment to move her into a home where she’ll have company and assistance. That was the best thing I did today. Giving my wonderful 96 year old grandmother a smile as she watched my boys enjoying her extensive shell collection was worth the extra time away from home today. I don’t regret that two hours. When Tutu fawns over the cub scout uniforms and smiles each time the boys ask her for another shell and tells me repeatedly that it made her day, it made my day, too.

All that’s left on our list is to get the house ready for our church fellowship group here tomorrow night, then try to keep it cleanish for the walk through on Monday. We need to hang our fire extinguisher, assemble the bunk beds, lower the hot water temperature which will be measured on Monday, and get those craft and sewing scissors back into their locked containers. It’s really not TOO much to do, but it’s just the mental thought that our lives could be radically different in only five days. That’s a lot to chew on.

We appreciate your continued prayers and I appreciate your understanding for the lame place this blog has become in the past several weeks! It may be that I am back with renewed passion soon. I started this blog when Jake was four and Tyler was two, as a place of respite from the bustle of everyday life. It was a spot to record and reflect on the beauty around me without those little moments passing me by, unheeded. So I may be back with a vengeance! Then again, I could be absent completely while I deal with newborn needs or toddler tantrums. We shall see!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update.

  1. a) your blog is not a lame place! omg.
    b) you are doing a completely selfless, wonderful thing and it’s important you put your energy and focus on that and the little ones heading your way 🙂
    c) hope to catch up soon! xoxo

  2. I am so excited that you will be fostering soon! I know that you and your family will provide a loving, warm and safe haven for those little kiddos. I know (with experience) that you will have your heart broken more than once but that it will be worth every tear! Also please know that I am always a phone call or email away!

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