5photos :: week thirty-nine

I took hundreds of photos during week thirty-nine. Every few years I try to capture the everyday activities of a typical week. I know that this time with little ones goes by so quickly and I will soon forget about the early morning cuddles, the wrestle fights, the markers strewn all over the floor and the chaos that comes from having kids this age. I keep everyday photos, shopping receipts, drawings I find around the house, and other such treasures in a special scrapbook entitled “Week in the Life”. This year I might not get around to putting these photos into the album right away, but I did record our daily activities for Monday through Wednesday (I got behind when I came to Thursday and Friday…typical, I guess!) Here are a few highlights from the week.

Reading with Tyler on my lap in our family room. A classic that I remember my mom reading to me.

Tyler is in this position for much of his day. On the floor coloring, surrounded by markers which he insists on dumping all over the floor rather than sifting through the box for the color he needs.

We love rain! It was unusual for us to have rain in the fall, and enough to make puddles to jump in!

Those rainclouds make for beautiful sunsets.

Tyler is quite the two-wheel bike rider. He’s such a coordinated kid.

Jake spends Tyler’s soccer practices sitting in the camping chairs on the sidelines coloring.

Tyler, emerging from the tunnel of cheering parents after soccer.

Apple picking.

Little boy laughter. I’m thankful for brothers who entertain each other so well.

And the weekend morning cuddling. It’s not very peaceful and someone generally gets kicked out for being too wild and kicking someone else in the head, which ends our cuddling, but we enjoy it nonetheless.


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