Catching My Breath.

The house is silent. And clean. Jake is at school and Aunt Krissy unexpectedly offered to take Tyler home with her for the day to play. God has given me a day to do nothing but pause.

We passed the final walk-through. Our water temperature was neither too hot nor too cold, our locks were in all the right places. The inches of paperwork were all in order. Two sets of fingerprints out of our six sets are lost in Sacramento somewhere, so once our case study worker tracks those down, we will be entered into the foster home system. The estimate right now is that we’ll have kids in our home later this week. God must have had a plan for those fingerprints because I’m feeling the need for reflection today.

I don’t have a problem enjoying my hours off when I get them here and there. There’s always sewing or scrapbooking or reading or writing or crafting to do. (I try not to use my “free” hours doing housework.) But today I’m feeling restless. I wandered through my sewing room pulling fabric down and putting it back up. My first thought today was that I’d spend the whole morning sewing…just breathing and relaxing a bit after several weeks of rushing about. But my heart’s not in sewing today.

After all these months of the homestudy process, we aren’t ready for these foster kids. We’ll never really be ready, I don’t think. But we’re willing. Over the past week, both Greg and I have been learning more and more about the faces of these kids and the way they see the world. It’s heartbreaking and eye-opening at the same time. We’re not ready, but let’s get going.

We don’t listen to anything normal in the car anymore. So this song from the Veggie Tales Sunday Morning Songs cd is the one that’s been playing in my head a lot lately:

“The Lord has given this land to us, no need to fuss, He knows what He’s doing. We know that He will take care of us if we will follow Him. God’s way is the best way. Now that I know He loves me so. His way is the best way, and that’s the way for me.”


One thought on “Catching My Breath.

  1. Newsong Church in Irvine is having an “Orphan Sunday” on November 7, 2010 to talk about the foster child situation in Orange County. It appears that Pastor Dave is going to call on the congregation to adopt them en masse.

    Are you fostering with the goal of adopting? I’m glad that you’re posting more. I’m enjoying reading about your road to foster parenting.

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