Seriously, the name of this blog ought to be changed with the way things are going around here. The “honeymoon period” with the kiddos is over, which means that Baby Billy Goat is happier and crawling around and laughing more (thumbs up) and the Athlete is pulling out all the stops to get whatever kind of attention he can (thumbs down. Way down.) Today was one of the worst days I can remember. Serious prayer is needed for us to get through until Monday when they boys will go to respite care for the week because we’re leaving Tuesday for a family of four respite of our own in Las Vegas. Boy do we need it.

Greg and I have learned a lot with this first placement. Namely, one child is plenty for us, considering that we have our two boys to think about as well. Also, we’re surprised to learn that we all are doing better with a baby in the house than we thought. Even the boys are enjoying making him laugh and giggle and handing him toys and such. They don’t like the crying, but other than that, they are smitten with Baby Billy Goat. This morning was so cute with our two boys and the baby crawling all over our bed at 5:45 a.m. (that wasn’t the cute part!) When Baby would squeal or crawl towards the boys or tumble off the side of the bed and land on the pillows below, Jake and Tyler were belly laughing and having such fun. We never thought they could enjoy a baby so much.

Learning Experience. That’s what we’re calling this. It looks like we’ll have the boys until about Thanksgiving, when they can go to a foster home that will take all four kids from their family. Three days until Monday. Then a week and a half after that left. Yes, we’re counting down. I know it sounds bad to say that, but that’s reality. We’re thankful for the lessons God is teaching us and also ready to move forward from a very trying situation. We’re also feeling grateful yet again for the wonderful friends and family who are supporting us with meals, babysitting, moral support…wiping our tears, listening to our woes, and bringing us brownies.

I’ve chosen these verses to carry me through the next few days. If you can get through an emotionally and physically draining day like today (and yesterday!), then you know it’s with the Lord’s strength, not your own. And when you can find joy in the midst of serious trial, you know it’s coming straight from God.

Psalm 18:1 and 9:2

I love you LORD. You are my strength. I will be filled with joy because of you.


2 thoughts on “ChaosLiving

  1. Linn, I just have to say, bless you and Greg for what you are doing for these boys. My heart and prayers go out to you! I Love you and remember to keep breathing and lean on the LORD! Thank you for sharing those scriptures…they mean a lot to us especially with what we are going through right now. Sometime when you can relax again and you feel like talking I’ll have to catch you up on everything. Maybe we can do a photography retreat ;0)

  2. my goodness, you really do have your hands full. I have read over a few posts and I must say, I have disciplined (verbally) other people’s children. And, it is without judgement. I have no problem if someone does that with my children either. my kids are polite and respectful of others and I think it is partly because I let others discipline them. it takes a village to raise a child, right? I so admire you for taking these boys, I have thought of doing the same through the years but, being a working mother, I’m afraid it would be too chaotic…..

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