It’s day six without the little ones and day five of our vacation in Vegas. I’ve been lay-on-the-bed-and-crash sick all week, and finally I’m feeling good. Thank goodness I came down with the little boys’ cold while we were on vacation rather than while I was at home caring for all four all day long. We’re heading back home tomorrow and picking up the little boys in the afternoon to get back to “normal.”

I realized today that on Monday I have no helpers coming over to help me, no one bringing us dinner, no safety net. Just our family of six on a normal Monday. Although the first two weeks with the little boys were crazy (I think I would have picked a stronger adjective a few days ago, in the thick of it), I think these upcoming weeks will be easier just because we know what to expect. The first foster placement is something I don’t think one can totally prepare for. It is more taxing, more chaotic, more emotionally and physically harrowing than you can prepare for. At least it was for us.

So with two weeks under our belt and several good nights of sleep, we head home and move forward. We know what we’re getting into now, which helps immensely. It’s been a wonderful five days of soaking our big boys in and Greg and I reconnecting with each other and thinking about our future in fostering. Phew. God knew when I planned this trip back in May that we would need this exact week off. Respite is a beautiful word.

At the same time, things felt a little weird without the little boys. Relaxing and easy and quiet, but weird. It will definitely feel like home when I pick them up and we have a full house again tomorrow evening. I think we’ll have a little more patience and affection for our Athlete and a few more cuddles for Baby Billy Goat. And maybe I’ll get the energy up to take Halloween pictures of our four boys together and of just the little boys for their mom to see. Yes, I’m still that behind. At this time most years, I’m finishing up my Christmas shopping and preparing for the holidays. This year, I don’t even know who will be with us for the holidays and I bought my first present today. Life is different. But that’s what we signed up for. A new normal.


One thought on “Vacating.

  1. GREAT SHOT OF YOUR MENFOLK WATCHING THE FOUNTAIN SHOW AT THE BELLAGIO. Sorry you were sick. Cousin Deb,one of our good supply of nurses in the family, said it is good to have about two colds a year to keep your immune system practiced. What continues to surprise is how miserable one can feel with only the “common cold”. I try to remember this isn’t a big comfort.

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