Just the Four of Us.

Red Rock, NV on our respite week

It is once again quiet at the Woodard home. We dropped the little boys off at their new foster home this morning. Their big sister should be able to join them in the coming days so they’ll all be together. The new family doesn’t have young kids, so they can focus all of their attention on the boys and their sister. We are so thankful for how things worked out to get the boys into their long term foster home before the holidays.

I know that this blog has been quite the negative venting place lately and I appreciate you bearing with me as our fostering consumed our lives this month. So rather than dwelling on the tears and confusion and sadness (mine and little Athlete’s) and all the details, I’ll just say that it was a bittersweet parting for us. Having kids live with you at a vulnerable point in their lives attaches you to one another, which is just as it should be. As hard as the past month has been for us, we were a family, the six of us, tantrums, tears, and all. It will take some time to adjust to becoming just the four of us again. We’ve asked for a few days off, then we’ll be put back on the list for a new placement…just one baby this time.

The other day we were listening to Little House on the Prairie in the car, and Ma told Pa, “I declare, Charles, this {new} bed is so comfortable, it almost feels sinful!” That’s how I feel right now as I look around at my downstairs rooms. There is just too much empty space where toys and pack n plays and bottles and strewn clothes ought to be. It almost makes me feel guilty not to have a child in our home at this very second! But we will certainly enjoy our days off with feasting and decorating and family and fun. Togetherness.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


2 thoughts on “Just the Four of Us.

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Rest and enjoy your family before the next sweet baby comes. You did a wonderful job with your first two and learned so much!

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